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Stimulus Newsletter December 15, 2010

During the peak of the Recovery Act, Stimulus News You Can Use was one way WSDOT kept transportation stakeholders updated on the fast-moving effort to put people to work and improve the state’s infrastructure. Each edition contained information on project delivery and highlights. Visit the Newsletter Archive for earlier editions.

December 15, 2010

This week's stimulus update 

Washington awarded additional funding for High Speed Rail projects – Washington will receive up to an additional $161.5 million in federal high speed rail funding from the Federal Railroad Administration. On December 9, U.S. Transportation Secretary RayAmtrak Cascades train. LaHood announced that he is redirecting almost $1.2 billion originally designated for high-speed rail projects in Wisconsin and Ohio.

This additional money brings Washington’s total federal funding for passenger rail to $782 million, when combined with the $621 million in funds awarded earlier this year.

“This will advance our ongoing work to increase the frequency and reliability of Amtrak Cascades service in our state,” said Washington Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond. “We will work with the Federal Railroad Administration to identify projects that have the highest potential to help us achieve that goal,” she said.

The additional funding requires no matching state funds and will most likely be applied to eligible projects in WSDOT’s original 2009 Recovery Act application, like a project that completes a series of repairs to the BNSF rail line between Everett and Blaine. The repairs reduce delays and increase on-time performance for Amtrak Cascades service by improving track quality, reliability, and passenger ride. There were 14 rail projects valued at $602 million in the original application that did not receive funding.

Highway stimulus delivery (dollars in millions)

Individual highway projects




Project Delivery

Operationally complete

39 (80%)

138 (80%)

177 (81%)

Awarded/under way

49 (100%)

165 (97%)

214 (98%)


49 (100%)

168 (99%)

217 (99%)





Spending Update

Funding allocated




Amount expended

$246.1 (72%)

130.7 (83%)

376.8 (77%)

Recovery Act project announcements and updates: 

New Redmond bridge opens to public on December 15 – The city of Redmond is holding a grand opening of the NE 36th Street Bridge on December 15. The $30 million project built a new bridge over I-405 connecting downtown Redmond with the Overlake neighborhood. The bridge was the first Washington local Recovery Act project advertised in March 2009. The Puget Sound Regional Council initially selected the project to receive $11 million in Recovery Act funds, but the funding was reduced to $4.6 million following a bid below the engineer’s estimate. The surplus funds helped pay for other stimulus projects.

Recently completed projects:

WSDOT – I-5/Marysville to Stillaguamish River – ITS
WSDOT – I-5/North Kelso to Harrison Avenue Vicinity – Paving and safety
Sammamish – East Lake Sammamish Parkway
Cheney – BNSF/UPRR Pedestrian Improvements

Recently advertised and awarded project: 

Ellensburg – Canyon Road Overlay – Berry to I-90

Recovery Act employment update: 

October Data



October Total


Payroll (in millions)



$6.8 million

$139 million to date

Labor hours




3.6 million to date

Monthly FTEs (173 hours per monthly FTE)




1,732 yearly FTEs to date (2080 hours per FTE)





Note: Not a count of unique employees

Note: Includes all labor on projects receiving Recovery Act Federal Highway Administration funds.

New employment data will be posted on the WSDOT stimulus employment page in late December.

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