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TIP Program Project Registry

The TIP Program Project Registry is a list of projects and program initiatives that the Transportation Partnerships Office believes show potential for development as a public/private partnership.

The Transportation Partnerships Office intends to publish its first TIP Registry in the first quarter of 2009. Details about the contents of the TIP Registry and level of information that will be available in the registry can be found in WAC 468-600-100.

The purpose of maintaining a TIP Registry is two-fold. First, the registry signals WSDOT’s interest to potential partners to develop specific transportation projects or programs as a PPP. This advance notice allows interested parties to focus their research and innovative approaches to specific projects that have targeted timelines and anticipated resources available for development. Second, maintaining a TIP Registry allows state government to level out “deal flow” so that public agencies and financial markets are not inundated with several projects all at once, which could overrun the capacity of the state to successfully implement each project.