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Washington State Freight Mobility Plan

2014 Washington State Freight Mobility Plan

State law requires the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to develop a state freight mobility plan: “The state-interest component of the statewide multimodal transportation plan shall include a freight mobility plan which shall assess the transportation needs to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient movement of goods within and through the state and to ensure the state’s economic vitality.” (RCW 47.06.045).

The Washington State Freight Mobility Plan will develop and prioritize freight transportation system improvement strategies that support and enhance trade and sustainable economic growth, safety, the environment, and goods delivery needs in Washington State. The plan will:

  • Make a strong case for funding Washington state freight priority projects and programs in the reauthorization of the federal transportation bill and future state transportation packages.
  • Guide capital and operating investments in the state’s freight systems.


The main objectives of the Washington State Freight Mobility Plan are to:

1. Prioritize freight system improvement strategies to support the plan’s three objectives:

  • Urban goods movement systems that support jobs, the economy, and clean air for all, and provide goods delivery to residents and
  • Washington’s competitive position as a Global Gateway to the nation with intermodal freight corridors serving trade and international and interstate commerce, and the state and national Export Initiatives.
  • Rural economies’ farm-to-market, manufacturing and resource industry sectors.

2. Help Washington successfully compete for federal freight funds by providing a data-driven benefit/cost analysis supporting truck freight and intermodal freight projects that meet federal criteria and goals.

3. Integrate existing state plans into a single state freight plan to address all freight modes in the state system: truck, rail, marine, and aviation.

Washington State Freight Mobility Plan deliverables:

Freight Plan FAQ (pdf 150 kb)

Washington State Freight Mobility Plan Sections, Descriptions, and Publications

Washington State Freight Mobility Plan Folio and Economic Corridor Maps:

Washington State Freight Mobility Plan Folio and Timeline (pdf 2.06 MB)

Washington State Truck Freight Economic Corridors and Freight Dependent Jobs (582 kb)

Washington State Economic Freight Rail Corridors (pdf 493 kb)

Washington State Economic Waterway Corridors (pdf 411 kb)

Printable: Full Folio and Maps (pdf 3.46 MB)

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on the Washington State Freight Mobility Plan, please send your comments to: or you can call Barb Ivanov at 360-705-7931.