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Freight Map

Freight Map Application

This application provides detailed truck performance measure and truck freight information to public users. The first phase of this application has been completed and displays the following information:

  • Truck freight performance measures based on truck GPS data, including truck average speeds, and the percentage of trucks traveling below the poor speed threshold.
  • Other truck freight information, including Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes and WSDOT Freight and Goods Transportation System maintained by WSDOT.
  • General information including state route and functional class features, rail lines, political boundaries such as city limits, interchange drawings, region boundaries, congressional districts, county boundaries, legislative districts, MPO, RTPO, township and tribal areas.

Before using this tool, please read the help document (pdf 31 kb) to understand the data sources and methodology used to develop truck freight performance measures. Frequently asked questions about this application (pdf 51 kb) are available, as well as a tutorial on using this application (pdf 750 kb).

The truck GPS data was collected as a part of WSDOT Truck Performance Measurement Program. See more information about WSDOT Freight System Division’s Truck Performance Measure Program.

Please direct any questions or comments regarding this application to Wenjuan Zhao at or (360) 705-6990.