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Biennial Budget Request

2013 - 2015

Table of Contents

Page Number
Tab A Organization Charts and Activity Inventory (pdf 1.3 mb)
Agency Organization Chart A-1
Division Organization Charts A-5
Agency Activity Inventory Report A-11
Tab B Recommendation Summaries (pdf 262 kb)
Recommendation Summary at Agency Level B-1
Recommendation Summary at Program Level B-9
Tab C Decision Packages (pdf 3.1 kb)
Decision Package Summary C-1
Individual Decision Packages C-5
Tab D Other Relevant Information to Budget Submission (pdf 364 kb)
Summarized Revenues D-1
Proposed Tax and Fee Changes D-13
Working Capital Reserve D-17
Federal Fund Estimates/State Match D-21
Non-Budgeted Local Fund Summary D-27
Tab E Targeted Transportation Budget Instruction Responses (pdf 2.8 mb)
WSDOT Grant Programs E-5
Nickel and TPA Status Reports E-51
TEIS and Required Project Information E-55
Ferries (WSDOT Programs X and W) E-59
Ferry Preservation E-73
Ferry Improvement E-103
Capital Impacts on Operating Budget E-107
Administration and Overhead Ferries Division - Capital E-111
TEIS Ferry Requirements E-219
Transportation Specific Inflation E-223
Moving Washington E-227
Personnel Information E-231
Additional Budget Submittal Content Requirements E-235
Tab F IT Portfolio (pdf 1 mb)
IT Portfolio F-1