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Ferries - FAQs - Loading

Medical preferential loading

Medical preferential loadings are given to passengers who find it detrimental to their health to wait in a ferry line. Contact our information staff and provide us with your doctor's phone and fax number so the information staff can send the appropriate forms to your doctor/ clinic/ hospital. This will then be faxed to the terminal where you will be traveling. You need to request a customer copy from your doctor's office to carry with you.

Tally system

Our tally system is activated at the Kingston terminal during heavy traffic periods so that the ferry line will not impede local traffic flow. The Washington State Patrol will hand out tally slips to each car lined up on SR 104 at Lindvog Road NE, counting each vehicle so that no other vehicles can cut in line. Once at the tollbooth, the customer surrenders the tally slip to the seller and buys a ticket. If a vehicle attempts to enter the terminal without a tally slip at times when the tally system is activated, the driver will be directed to go to the end of the tally line. Generally, the tally system is activated on late spring and summer Sundays or on holidays at the Kingston terminal.

Motorcycle loading procedures

There are very good reasons to ride a motorcycle aboard a Washington State Ferry:

  • The motorcycle & driver fare is much less than the car & driver fare.
  • Loading procedures often allow first on, first off privileges if staged prior to the commencement of loading.
  • Motorcyclists rarely face an overload situation on busy commuter runs, weekends and sunny summer days.

Although WSF encourages motorcycles to bypass waiting lines by using HOV or local lanes in most cases, it is the responsibility of motorcyclists to ensure they are not violating any applicable laws. Check the specific terminal page for more details on accessing each route.

Once on board, please be sure that you don't park your motorcycle in the yellow striped walkways or block vehicle access.

Engine Room Access Doors

It is important to the safety of both customers and employees that these access points remain unobstructed; to park in these diagonally striped areas could endanger lives. This rule is mandated by the Coast Guard. Engine room personnel must have two ways of exiting the engine room, which is below deck. In the event of a vehicle fire, crews require access to foam nozzles which are stored in the access ways to our engine-room control spaces. If ferry crews tell you to stay back or move forward, please follow their instructions

Where do I load riding my Segway (a stand-up bike)?

A person riding a personal mobility device such as a Segway loads on our vehicle deck, just like bicycles.