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Contacting Washington State Ferries

Whether you have questions or comments, or need help navigatingour ferry system, we are here to help!

Customer Service, Fares, Schedules, and Vehicle Reservations
You can learn about FaresSchedules, and Vehicle Reservations online,or by contacting our customer service representatives.  We are availableto assist you from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. seven days a week.

    Phone: 206-464-6400,1-888-808-7977 (toll-free, in state)

    You can also dial 511 from within theState of Washington. 

Online Ticket Purchasing
You can pre-purchase tickets online at our Wave2Go website.If you have questions, contact the Wave2Go team.

    Phone: 206-515-3446 

Lost and Found
Have you lost an item on a ferry? Please contact our Lost and Found desk forhelp.

    Phone: 206-515-3439

Refunds for Tollbooth or Kiosk Transactions
If you were overcharged or discover a discrepancy for fares paid at a Terminal,please contact our Operations Revenue Control office.

    Phone: 206-515-3482

If you are requesting a refund for an online order, or for a feecharged in association with the Vehicle Reservation System, please contact ourCustomer Service Department (contact information above).

Alternative formats for people with disabilities
Information provided by WSF can be madeavailable in alternate formats such as Braille and large type. To requestinformation in an alternate format, please contact Washington State Departmentof Transportation's Office of Equal Opportunity.
855-362-4ADA (4232)
    Washington State Relay: People who are deafor hard of hearing can call     711.

Public information requests
Washington State law requires all agencies to respondto requests for public records in a timely manner and in an acceptable way. Torequest disclosure of public documents, go to WSDOT's Public Records Request page.

Mailing address

    Washington State Ferries 
    2901 Third Avenue Suite 500 
    Seattle WA 98121-3014

Other ways to receive information about WSF
To get real time updates regarding ferry service, sign up for Travel Alert Bulletins and follow uson Twitter.