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Features / ADA Information

Upper Cabin Galley: No Car Deck ADA Shelter: No
Main Cabin Restroom: Yes Car Deck ADA Restroom: No
Elevator: No 802.11 WiFi Access: No
ADA Notes: There is no elevator from the car deck to the passenger deck. No food service is available on the Hiyu.

Vessel Information

Class: Hiyu Type: Auto/Passenger Ferry
Length: 162' Engines: 2
Beam: 63' 1" Horsepower: 860
Draft: 11' 3" Speed in Knots: 10
Max Passengers: 200 Propulsion: DIESEL
Max Vehicles: 34 Gross Tonnage: 498
Tall Deck Space: 12 City Built: Portland, OR
Auto Deck Clearance: 15' 0" Year Built / Re-built: 1967
Meaning of Hiyu: Native American/Chinook: "plenty."