Equal Opportunity - PASS Grant

On the Job Training

The Pre-Apprenticeship & Supportive Services Grant Program provides funding for specific supportive services and pre-apprenticeship training for females, minorities and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

The 2017-2019 application period for the PASS Grant has closed. The next application cycle will begin approximately March 2019.

2017-2019 PASS Grant Announcement of Awards (pdf 365 KB)

Forms for organizations awarded grants:
Statewide Payee Registration (pdf 829 KB)

Training Program Recognition

If you are interested in funding a new pre-apprenticeship program with grant funds, read this information carefully regarding qualifying for funding.

You can also sign up for grant updates. Follow the directions to sign up, and under News Information - News Releases and Topical Updates, select WSDOT OJT Supportive Services Updates.