Equal Opportunity - Minority, Small, Veteran and Women’s Business Enterprise Program

The primary objective of this Program is to increase M/S/V/WBE participation on WSDOT’s contracting and procurement activities.

Help meet these goals by:

Creating an Inclusion Plan see WSDOT MSVWBE Participation Plan Drafting Guidelines (pdf 217 kb) for help

Actively managing M/S/V/WBE goal attainment through monthly reporting and regular dialog between primes and WSDOT project administrators

Enjoy partnerships with certifying agencies, prime contractors and consultants and organizations representing business interests

Providing assistance and outreach to minority, small, veteran and women owned firms.

Where to Join

For more information on the direction of WSDOT’s Diverse Business Programs please review the OEO State Funded Diversity Roadmap (pdf 121 kb).

For more information on WSDOT’s Mentor Protégé Program please review the Mentor Protégé Frequently Asked Questions (pdf 287 kb).