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EEO Assurances - Internal

WSDOT is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce consistent with our agency policies and in compliance with both state and federal law. The EEO Assurances is the primary tool we use to measure and report our progress within our agency and to the federal government and furthermore identifies key strategies for accomplishing these recruitment and retention goals.

Specifically, in compiling this information for reporting purposes, the Department uses the WSDOT Regional/Headquarters Utilization Report. This report determines the composition of Washington State Department of Transportation's current workforce of affected group members both in real numbers and in percentages of the workforce. WSDOT Regions and Headquarters administrations use this information to establish and monitor strategies to correct underutilization and employ a productive and diverse workforce. Human Resource Consultants use this report to determine what supplemental certifications (if applicable) need to be enacted for the following affected groups: Persons with Disabilities, Vietnam-Era Veterans, and Disabled Veterans.

Included is a link to the WSDOT's Affirmative Action Plans for the entire department. This report is updated annually. At the end of each report are the definitions and descriptions.