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Study Team

The study team for the 2012 WSDOT disparity study is comprised of four firms — BBC Research & Consulting (BBC) (prime consultant), Keen Independent Research (KIR), Holland & Knight LLP, and Pacific Communications Consultants (PCC). Two firms on the study team — BBC and Holland & Knight — have worked together to complete eight (8) recent DBE-related disparity studies in the Ninth Circuit. In addition, Dave Keen, Principal of KIR and former BBC Managing Director, has participated on every BBC disparity and availability study to date. See an organization chart of the BBC study team and a description of each firm’s project roles (pdf 42 kb).

BBC. BBC is a 42 year old, Denver-based economic and policy research firm that has completed nearly 80 disparity and availability studies across the nation, including numerous DBE-related disparity studies for Ninth Circuit clients. BBC has extensive experience conducting disparity studies that independently and accurately examine potential discrimination that socioeconomically disadvantaged groups may face in obtaining contracts with public and government agencies and cities. BBC also possesses expertise with local and federal regulations governing implementations of the Federal DBE program. BBC has been conducting disparity studies as a prime consultant for 22 years.
Primary contact:

Todd Pickton, Managing Director
BBC Research & Consulting
1999 Broadway, Suite 2200
Denver, Colorado 80202-9750
Phone: 303-321-2547, ext. 275

KIR. Dave Keen, former BBC Managing Director, recently formed KIR, a business strategy and policy analysis firm based in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Keen began working on disparity study in 1989. Since that time, he has served in a project management role on all of BBC’s nearly 80 disparity and availability studies. He has testified as an expert witness in federal district court in the successful defense of minority- and women-owned business enterprise programs and in support of implementations of the Federal DBE Program, including the recent defense of the California Department of Transportation’s implementation of the Federal DBE Program. Mr. Keen has worked closely with BBC and Holland & Knight for the past two decades. Mr. Keen has 22 years of disparity study project experience.
Holland & Knight LLP. Holland & Knight is a multi-national law firm with more than 1,000 attorneys that has participated in more than 25 disparity and availability studies with BBC, including eight disparity studies in the Ninth Circuit. Holland & Knight also provided substantial litigation support to the California Department of Transportation in the agency’s recent defense of its implementation of the Federal DBE program. BBC employs Holland & Knight to develop the legal framework and analysis on disparity study assignments and to consult on legal issues. Holland & Knight also has extensive experience conducting in-depth interviews, collecting and analyzing anecdotal evidence, and assessing potential Federal DBE Program measures. Holland & Knight has been working on DBE- and disparity study-related assignments for more than 30 years.

PCC. PCC is a MBE/WBE/DBE-certified professional services firm based in Bellevue, Washington. PCC was involved on the last WSDOT disparity study as a subconsultant. Currently, PCC is conducting a project for the Seattle Chamber of Commerce to identify technical assistance programs and small business opportunities throughout the area. Regina Glenn, President and CEO of PCC, is well connected in the Washington community and has a comprehensive understanding of the state’s current political climate. PCC has been doing work with the DBE community for more than 18 years.

DBE Advisory Group. The DBE Advisory Group is a member organization formed in 2011 when WSDOT started its Disparity Study. The advisory group was formed as a way of keeping stakeholder organizations informed on the status of the study and to seek their perspectives. Additionally, with stakeholder organizations directly involved in the study process; the public, DBEs and contracting community in general would be better informed about activities occurring in the DBE Program.
The DBE Advisory Group was originally facilitated by the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, but in the last year it has expanded with key members including the Secretary of Transportation, Deputy Secretary of Transportation and other members of the WSDOT Executive Team, as well as key members from the National Association of Minority Contractors – Washington Chapter, Women in Highway Construction, Tabor 100, Association of General Contractors, Washington Asphalt Pavement Association and other stakeholder organizations. The DBE Advisory Group is now providing various perspectives to assist WSDOT with process improvements related to the DBE Program reforms. See the DBE Advisory Group roster (pdf 95 kb).