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Hydrology At WSDOT

cover for thr tribal manual
Large pieces of wood protect the
road and river bank and provide
habitat for fish.

Hydrology is the study of the properties of water - its movement and distribution on the earth's surface, in the ground, and in the air.

We provide a scientific approach for planning and design of highways and bridges threatened by erosion and flooding. This  protects our transportation system while helping the salmon recovery effort and protecting the environment.

Hydrology and Geomorphology: Applied Earth Sciences

WSDOT staff apply the sciences of hydrology and geomorphology to protection of our state's transportation system. Hydrologists study hydrology and geomorphologists study all the processes that shape the earth's surface. Our engineers, hydrologists and geomorphologists provide technical assistance for highway and bridge design and maintenance, flood-control, stream bank protection, and emergency response. We help design environmentally-friendly and cost-saving alternatives for the protection of highways and bridges. One of our main activities is conducting stream reach assessments.