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Aquatic Habitat Guidelines Project

  East Fork Issaquah Creek

The 2003 Integrated Streambank Protection Guidelines (ISPG) are now available online.  Download or order your paper copy today from Fish and Wildlife's ISPG page

The State of Washington salmon recovery strategy recommends the development of technical assistance guidelines for carrying out aquatic habitat restoration and mitigation projects, and encourages regulatory consistency and cooperation between state and federal agencies.

To accomplish this, the Washington State Departments of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), Ecology (WDOE), and Transportation (WSDOT), along with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, are working on developing the Aquatic Habitat Guidelines (AHG).

The goal of AHG is to assist in the consistent application of good science for project design impacting salmonid habitat and other aquatic resources, as well as habitat management, construction, and operations affecting aquatic systems. The various AHG guidelines provide consistency in permitting of projects related to aquatic habitats and support the salmon recovery efforts of the cooperating agencies. The guidelines help WSDOT design, implement, and mitigate projects; promote and enhance salmon and watershed recovery work; and influence the design and construction of transportation facilities across the state.

Each of the guidelines is (or will be) based on scientific research contained in a series of white papers and built on a set of guiding principles.

The completed guidelines (with links to the online versions) are:

Guidelines under development or proposed include:

  • Freshwater Sand and Gravel Removal
  • Freshwater On- and Over-water Structures
  • Lakeshore Protection
  • Marine Nearshore and Estuary Restoration
  • Marine Dredging
  • Marine On- and Over-water Structures
  • Marine Shoreline Modifications
  • Water Crossings (bridges, conduits, and culverts)
  • Use of Treated Wood

For more information on the AHG project, as well as online versions of the seven completed state-of-the-knowledge white papers on guidance subject matter and drafts of the existing guidelines, visit the Aquatic Habitat Guidelines Project  
web site maintained by WDFW.