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Stormwater Research - Proposals

Photo of SR 525 filtration pond taken by WSDOT Water Quality Staff

SR 525 Filtration Pond

  • Rapid assessment (pdf 27 kb)
    Rapid assessment for highway runoff toxicity and ecological effects 
  • Effects of airborne contaminants   (pdf 27 kb)
    Effects of airborne contaminants and adjacent land uses on highway runoff
  • Threshold traffic densities
    Do threshold traffic densities exist below which runoff pollution is negligible?  (pdf 21 kb)
  • Pollutants in runoff  (pdf 28 kb)
    Unconventional, unevaluated, or under-evaluated pollutants in runoff 
  • Spatial Scales (pdf 28 kb)
    Effects of highway runoff constituents on receiving waters at different spatial scales  
  • Treatment systems (pdf 45 kb)
    How can treatment systems be modified to improve dissolved metals removal? 
  • Oil and spill control methods (pdf 27 kb)
    Which oil and spill control methods are most feasible for transportation considering limited maintenance resources?  
  • Concentrated vs. Dispersed  (pdf 28 kb)
    Evaluate the benefits and costs of concentrated vs. dispersed landscape-scale stormwater runoff treatments