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Erosion Control

   Example of erosion control measures at Port of Tacoma

Temporary erosion and sediment control measures
may include blankets, check dams and vegetation.

Erosion and sediment control on highway construction projects helps protect the environment and can reduce cost overruns and project delays.  WSDOT develops and implements procedures to minimize the impacts of erosion, such as:

  • Contract language and guidelines to meet permit requirements.
  • Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control (TESC) Plans, site inspections and adaptive management.
  • Construction site discharge sampling, data reporting, and compliance tracking.
  • Statewide erosion and sediment control training of WSDOT personnel.
  • Annual erosion control site assessments (internal auditing).

Successful erosion control planning and implementation is based on a  strong partnership and proactive communication between WSDOT's Regional Environmental Offices, Headquarters Programs, Project Engineer Offices, and the contractors.

TESC Planning and Construction Site Discharge Sampling

WSDOT must seek coverage under the NPDES Construction Stormwater General Permit (CSWGP) for any construction projects that engage in clearing, grading and/or excavating activities that disturb one or more acres of soil and have the potential to discharge into waters of the state.

Operators of permitted construction sites are required to:

  • Develop Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).
  • Implement sediment, erosion, and pollution control measures on site.
  • Report stormwater discharges from construction areas that enter waters of the state.

The Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control Manual (TESCM) describes WSDOT's protocols for meeting SWPPP, discharge monitoring and reporting requirements of the CSWGP. A TESC Manual Listserve group has been created for interested parties who wish to receive e-mail announcements on updates to the TESCM.

WSDOT requires all contractors performing CSWGP related site inspections and/or discharge sampling to have a current Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) certification.  Contractor staff seeking certification to perform such activities must receive training from a Department of Ecology approved training provider

For more information contact:

Elsa Pond, 360.570.6654


A Contract Requirements Checklist to Transfer the CSWGP (pdf, 108 kb) is available to help those developing contracts navigate the General Special Provisions and contract documents needed for inclusion with the contract.