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General Permits for Preservation and Maintenance Activities

Bridge Maintenance at Sol Duc
Bridge Cleaning along Sol Duc River

WSDOT needs permits to work in or over the water. The Department of Ecology and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife issue general permits for specific routine maintenance and preservation activities that have a low risk of impacting sensitive resources. A general permit covers the same type of work across the state and is good for five years. It streamlines the process and saves time and money by eliminating the need to apply for a new permit each time the work is performed.

WDFW General HPAs

Bridge Maintenance and Preservation (pdf 1.6 mb)

Beaver Dam Removal (pdf 40 kb)

Allows the removal of beaver dams within WSDOT right-of-way statewide.

Channelized Stream Maintenance (pdf 40 kb)

Fishway Structures in Freshwater Statewide (pdf 989 kb)

Culvert Maintenance (pdf 41 kb)

Debris Removal from Bridges (pdf 989 kb)

Statewide Fresh Water Geotechnical Survey (pdf 305 kb)

Marine Water Sediment Test Boring (pdf 34 kb)

Remove, Repair, and Replace Piles in Marine Waters (Ferry Terminals) (pdf 71 kb)

HPA Tools and Permitting Links

Programmatic Permit Reporting Information

The Permit Program will notify region environmental offices in December that reporting information is due in mid-January annually.

Ecology NPDES  

Bridge and Ferry Terminal Washing General Permit 

Aquatic Plant and Algae Management General Permit

Aquatic Mosquito Control General Permit

Allows the application of pesticide to control mosquito species within WSDOT right-of-way. 

Sand and Gravel General Permit

Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permits

Jurisdictional Guidance - The following guidance documents have been developed in coordination with the Corps Seattle District that provides clarification regarding 404 jurisdiction and transportation activities: