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Elizabeth Lanzer

Environmental GIS Workbench

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The Environmental GIS Workbench is a custom GIS application built to help WSDOT staff access over 700 layers of environmental or natural resource management data.  The Environmental Information Program works with appropriate federal, state and other agencies to maintain a collection of the best available data for statewide environmental analysis. This application is an ArcGIS extension that provides WSDOT staff with tools for locating transportation projects and displaying a wealth of environmental data themes for that location.  While the best available environmental GIS data often has considerable limitations, it generally provides a good flag for likely environmental issues affecting project planning. 

Contact the Environmental GIS Workbench Support Person for more information on this application.

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In order to insure that WSDOT's environmental specialists are aware of recent data updates and new ArcGIS tools for their typical activities, the Environmental Information Program delivers half-day environmental GIS update trainings for environmental specialist staff. For our "self-service" folks, new functions and help on specific skills can be found on WSDOT's intranet GIS FAQs and "How To" page. Contact the Environmental GIS Workbench Support Person to discuss training questions. Also, WSDOT offers several basic internal GIS training classes that are free for WSDOT staff.