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Land Use

During the environmental documentation phase of transportation project development, WSDOT studies the effect of projects on land use.  We look at right of way needs and potential changes in development patterns that may result from change in the transportation system.

The information on this page is designed for a technical audience.

Policy Guidance

  Process Guidance

  • CE/DCE -- fill out the ERS/ECS form. The form is available to WSDOT employees only and can be accessed from the WSDOT Intranet Environment page.
  • Define Land Use  study area   (pdf 20 kb) -- TSK 450-a
  • Analyzing Land Use Effects   (pdf 23 kb)  -- TSK 450-b
  • NRCS Farmland Assessment Procedure   (pdf 22 kb) -- PRO 450-a and link to NRCS web page  (scroll to bottom of page for forms).  Farmland within the adopted UGA is exempt from analysis and farmland that has already been converted to other uses is exempt from analysis under the Federal Farmland Protection Policy Act (7 CFR 658.2a
  • Recreational Land Conversion  procedure  (pdf 85 kb) including Section 6(f) conversions.
  • Land Use Discipline Report checklist  (pdf 20 kb)
  • Wild and Scenic Rivers PowerPoint training (pdf 2.2 mb).  Wild and Scenic Rivers web page provides additional information.  Contact the USFS Mt. Baker Ranger District (360 854-2630) for information about the Skagit River.  Contact Sue Baker , with the USFS, Mt. Adams Ranger District (541 308-1700) for information about the White Salmon River and the Klickitat River.
  • Wild and Scenic Rivers Training

Data Sources

Technical Resources