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Section 106 Consultation

Consulting on Transportation Projects

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act defines consultation as “the process of seeking, discussing, and considering the views of others, and, where feasible, seeking agreement with them on how historic properties should be identified, considered, and managed.” Consultation is an exchange of ideas, the process of seeking views on the project’s effect on eligible historic properties and, if the effect is adverse, determining how this should be resolved.

Federal agencies are required under section 106, to participate in consultation regarding a projects effect on historic properties and seek out consulting parties to request their views. Historic properties include any prehistoric or historic district, site, building, structure or object considered eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has delegated section 106 responsibilities to WSDOT for FHWA funded transportation projects through a Statewide Programmatic Agreement (pdf 170 kb). FHWA and WSDOT work with consulting parties and seek the views of the public as part of the section 106 decision-making process.

Consulting parties include:

 Anyone may request to be a consulting party. However, individuals or organizations must demonstrate a legal or economic relation to the project or affected properties, or have concern with the project's effects on historic properties.

WSDOT Cultural Resources Project Consultation (CRPC) Sites:

Historic Bridge- SR 162 Meridian St, Puyallup River Bridge Project
SR 167 Meridian St- Puyallup River Bridge Project

WSDOT CRPC sites were developed in partnership with the Governor's Office of Regulatory Assistance (ORA) to notify interested parties, including the State Historic Preservation Office (DAHP), tribal representatives, agency staff and the public of proposed transportation projects under section 106 review and promote public participation in the consultation process.

Visitors can share comments, submit questions, review project documents or request to participate as a consulting party. Consulting party members are granted full access to protected content and are notified of steps as the project undergoes section 106 review. 

CRPC Site Access

CRPC sites are hosted through EZview Washington, project dedicated websites for local governments and state agencies to plan, share, document and collaborate. Project dedicated websites provide open, accessible and up-to-date project information. Contact Erin Littauer, or by phone at 360.570.2448, for information.