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Tracking Commitments

Public Outreach during SR 520 Pontoon Construction Project 
Public Outreach for SR 520
Pontoon Construction Project

WSDOT, regulatory agencies, and tribes make commitments to protect the environment and to minimize impacts. WSDOT uses the Commitment Tracking System (a database) to ensure our projects meet these commitments.

This page contains procedures and tasks that project staff use to successfully track commitments. Chapters 490, 590, and 630 of the WSDOT Environmental Manual explains why we track commitments.


Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E)

Active Construction

Related Resources

A WSDOT report entitled Best Practices of Incorporating Environmental Commitments into Contracts (pdf 116 kb) resulted in two Project Delivery Memos related to commitments and contracts: 

The following crosswalk documents contain design and construction phase commitments from some common statewide agreements and permits. These crosswalks demonstrate the responsible entity (WSDOT or Contractor), the associated phase(s), and how to fulfill the commitment (WSDOT Manual or Contract Document).

The Assembled Environmental General Special Provisions (doc) document contains all the environmentally-related Headquarters General Special Provisions. It is intended for use during the Environmental Commitments Meeting(s) held to customize the contract for project-specific commitments.

The Environmental Permit Table (doc) supplements General Special Provision 1-07.6.OPT2.FR1 and should identify all the permits or agreements that pertain to a particular project. This table should be modified during the Environmental Commitments Meeting(s) and inserted into the contract.