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Pile Driving Reports

Pile driving monitoring reports are the result of

  • monitoring requirements developed in consultation with NMFS, WDFW, and US Fish and Wildlife
  • information collected for site specific locations
  • research conducted on bubble curtains, hammer cushions, and other mitigation strategies

These monitoring reports can help with site specific information when putting together Biological Assessments for projects in the same or similar areas.

Additional reports will be added as new information from our monitoring efforts becomes available.

Acoustic Radiation from a Submerged Pile during Pile Driving (Stockham, Dahl, Reinhall) (pdf 360 kb)

Airborne Vibratory Technical Memo
(WSDOT 2010) (pdf 745 kb)

Anacortes Ferry Terminal Vibratory Report (WSDOT 2012) (pdf 898 kb)
Anacortes Ferry Terminal Pile Driving Report (WSDOT 2007) (pdf 2.7 mb) 

Analysis of the Port Townsend Underwater Acoustic Background (Stockham, Dahl, Reinhall) (pdf 427 kb)

Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Pile Driving Report (WSDOT 2005) (pdf 1.3 mb)

Cape Disappointment Pile Driving Report (WSDOT 2006) (pdf 3.35 mb) 

Characterizing Underwater Noise from Industrial Pile Driving at Close Range  (Stockham, Dahl, Reinhall) (pdf 539 kb)

Eagle Harbor Maintenance Facility Technical Memo (WSDOT 2005) (pdf 28 kb)
Eagle Harbor Maintenance Facility Pile Driving Report (Jasco 2005) (pdf 2.4 mb)

Edmonds Ferry Terminal Vibratory Technical Memo (pdf 160 kb)

Friday Harbor Ferry Terminal Report (WSDOT 2005) (pdf 3.41 mb)

Hood Canal Bridge Report (Battelle 2005) (pdf 3.8 mb)
Hood Canal Bridge Pile Driving Report (Battelle 2004) (pdf 2.7 mb)

Investigation of the Performance of a Method to Reduce Pile Driving Generated Underwater Noise (Zhou 2009) (pdf 3.5 mb)

Keystone Ferry Terminal Vibratory Report (WSDOT 2010) (pdf 1.0 mb)

Manette Bridge Vibratory Technical Memo (pdf 314 kb)
Manette Bridge Pier Demolition (WSDOT 2012) (pdf 2.13 mb)

Mukilteo Ferry Teminal Coring Noise Technical Memo (WSDOT 2007) (pdf 242 kb)
Mukilteo Ferry Terminal Test Pile Project Report (WSDOT 2007) (pdf 3.01 mb)
Mukilteo Ferry Terminal Test Pile Project Report (Jasco 2007) (pdf 2.4 mb)

Port Townsend Timber Pile Removal (WSDOT 2011) (pdf 130 kb)
Port Townsend Test Pile Report (WSDOT 2010) (pdf 1.4 mb)

Seattle Ferry Terminal Batter Pile Report (WSDOT 2012) (pdf 692 kb)

SR 24 Bridge Replacement Report (WSDOT 2005) (pdf 3.41 mb)

SR 202 Evans Creek Technical Memo (WSDOT 2006) (pdf 320 kB)
SR 202 Evans Creek Bridge Report (WSDOT 2006) (pdf 2.0 mb)

SR 240 Bridge Replacement Report (WSDOT 2004) (pdf 3.41 mb)
SR 240 Bridge Replacement Report (WSDOT 2003)  (pdf 1.5 mb)

SR 411 Lexington Bridge Report (WSDOT 2006) (pdf 508 kb) 

SR 520 Test Pile Project Monitoring Report (Illingworth & Rodkin 2010) (3.89 mb)

SR 529 Ebey Slough Bridge Replacment (WSDOT 2011) (pdf 2.55 mb)

Vashon Test Pile Report (WSDOT 2010) (pdf 2.73 mb)
Vashon Ferry Terminal Vibratory Report (WSDOT 2010) (pdf 209 kb)

Wahkiakum Ferry Terminal Monitoring Report (WSDOT 2010) (pdf 3.93 mb)

WSF Underwater Background Monitoring Report (WSDOT 2014) (pdf 1.1 mb)