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TLA System - Timeline and Progress

Timeline overview
The TLA implementation schedule is based on your work location. Deployment for non-marine employees will be happening first to ensure we are building a solid foundation for subsequent deployments to the more complex marine environments.

The phased deployment schedule is as follows:

  • April 2015 - Headquarters, including ELG building, Alaskan Way Viaduct and 520 projects, Toll Division and others
  • June 2015 - Eastern regions
  • July 2015 - Western regions
  • Oct. 2015 - Washington State Ferries (WSF) Headquarters
  • Feb. 2016 - WSF Terminal/Eagle Harbor/Warehouse
  • April 2016 - WSF Deck/Engine

A look at the schedule:
TLA implementation timeline

There will be more detailed, future communications regarding specifically what org codes will deploy when.

Next steps
WorkForce Software was selected as our TLA software provider in Oct. 2013.  We'll be continuing to work with WorkForce on configuring the new system. After testing, WSDOT will begin deploying the TLA using the phased deployment schedule.

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