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TLA System - Library

Handouts, FAQs and Presentations

Materials about the new TLA system.

TLA: One Page Summary (pdf 268 kb) Feb. 2014
Introduction to TLA, WSF and HQ demo (pdf 396 kb) Feb. 2014
Learn TLA terms and read the glossary (pdf 75 kb) Dec. 2013

Key players

Organizational charts and information about the TLA project team.

TLA Project Organizational chart (pdf 86 kb) May 2014
TLA Change Management team (pdf 85 kb) June 2014


Background data used to determine TLA need.

2007 WSDOT Administrative and Overhead Performance Audit (pdf 3.2 mb) Nov. 2007
2009 Time, Leave and Labor Distribution Feasibility Study (pdf 12.7 mb) June 2009

Partner resources

Links and documents with more information about the new TLA system.

DES TLA Project Newsletter - August 2014 (pdf 235 kb) August 2014
DES TLA Project Newsletter - April 2014 (pdf 320 kb) April 2014

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