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TLA System - How It Works

What the new system can do
TLA is designed to empower employees with self-service time entry and self-service leave requests from a multitude of devices. It will facility accurate pay by automating business rules based on collective bargaining agreements, WACs and other required criteria.

Other capabilities of the TLA system:

  • Saves employees, managers and timekeepers time by eliminating paper timesheets, manual reviews/approvals and having to enter the data from the timesheet into the system.
  • Helps you better manage your leave with the ability to view projected leave balances.
  • Enables flexible online shift schedule development, assignment and management as well as the more complex shift scheduling and dispatch functionality used by ferries.
  • Better reporting to respond to information requests.

Entering time
Depending on where you work, there may be multiple options for devices to enter your time. These include:

  • Webpage via laptop or desktop computer
  • Dedicated time capture device supplied by the vendor (shared TLA PC kiosk  or other data collection device)
  • Mobile device - pending management approval
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by phone - pending management approval

For access options pending management approval: Business decisions have to be made by the WSDOT TLA Steering Committee and executive managers (pdf 86 kb) to determine if employees will able to access TLA using these methods. Please know that none of the options are time clocks.

We are still determining if employees will have access to TLA from home. However, supervisors or their designees will have the ability to enter time for employees that are out sick.

WSDOT’s timekeepers have a variety of other job responsibilities that often times get ‘put on the back burner’ due to short labor cutoffs or other payroll deadlines. The automation of activities typically performed by a timekeeper that will be available in the new system should help alleviate some of that, allowing more time in the day for timekeepers to work on other assignments.

We anticipate timekeepers may be involved in activities such as:

  • Developing business requirements as part of TLA configuration and deployment.
  • Training of staff on use of TLA on an ongoing basis.
  • Supporting our agency as a “super user” of TLA in support of staff and management, offering assistance as necessary.
  • Validating and tracking employees and supervisors to ensure they have completed time and leave submission and approval within established deadlines.

If you currently perform timekeeping duties, your role will change
with the implementation of TLA, but timekeepers will not lose their jobs.

System integration
The WSDOT TLA Legacy Remediation team has been tasked with identifying the different systems that may be affected by TLA implementation.

The new TLA system will be the single source of time entry. Information in TLA will "feed" other systems to ensure consistency from a process and audit perspective.

For example, TLA will feed HRMS, which will be the system of record for reporting new hires, rehires and retiree rehires. The Payroll Office will continue to run reports to identify retiree rehires that are approaching the number of hours they are allowed to work.

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