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LMS training

The WSDOT Access Control OLT course is available through LMS. To receive credit, you'll need to launch the class through the link below.

Highway Access Management And Its Benefits 

With fewer new arterial roadways being built, the need for effective systems management strategies is greater than ever before. Access management principles are particularly attractive as they offer a variety of benefits to a broad range of stakeholders. By managing roadway access, government agencies can increase public safety, extend the life of major roadways, reduce traffic congestion, support alternative transportation modes, and even improve the appearance and quality of the built environment.

This course will discuss access management in Washington State. It will discuss limited access and managed access programs, rules, and requirements. The course will provide an overview of the types of access control and how they relate to WSDOT and local agency functions.

To sign up for this course please contact LeRoy Patterson 360-705-7266. Internal users can sign up using the automated training management system (ATMS) with the course code "DAS".