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Access and Hearings Home

Access and Hearings is part of the WSDOT Development Division, administering the limited access and managed access programs for all Washington state highways.

The Access and Hearings office have streamlined their approval process using the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Portal system. This paperless, one stop review process system provides document management, workflow and retention management across WSDOT.

Electronic Access Request Approval Process - To be used by WSDOT staff
Access Request Checklist (xlsx, 4.05mb)
How to Submit Request Packages (pdf, 582kb)
How to View Request Packages - Internal Users (pdf, 528kb)
How to View Request Packages - External Users (pdf, 465kb)

Access Databases
Access Control Tracking System Limited Access and Managed Access Master Plan (xls 898kb)
Access Master Plan Help (pdf 199kb)
Statewide Median Crossover Database* (pdf, 59kb)
*Partial disclosed version. Full disclosed version available internally for WSDOT, WSP, and FHWA.
Disclaimer (pdf, 29kb)

Access Control GIS Workbench
WSDOT Access Control Data in ArcGIS

Access Hearings
Access Hearing Process Timeline (pdf, 1022kb)
RES and Access Process from Hearing to Project Ad (pdf, 68kb)
Findings and Order List (xlsx, 203kb)

Design Manual Chapters
The chapters below can be found at the following website.
Chapter 210 - Public Involvement and Hearings
Chapter 510 - Right of Way Considerations
Chapter 520 - Access Control
Chapter 530 - Limited Access Control
Chapter 540 - Managed Access
Chapter 550 - Freeway Access Revision

RCWs and WACs
RCW 47.52 - Limited Access Facilities
WAC 468-54 - Limited Access Hearings
WAC 468-58 - Limited Access Highways

RCW 47.50 - Highway Access Management
WAC 468-51 - Highway Access Management Access Permits - Administrative Process
WAC 468-52 - Highway Access Management - Access Control System and Standards

LeRoy Patterson
Access and Hearing Manager
(360) 705-7266
Matt Roos
Access and Hearing Specialist
(360) 705-7671
Ami Peters
Administrative Assistant
(360) 705-7452