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Steel-backed Timber Guardrail (TB-25, TB-26, TB-27, & TB-28)

These plans show all the details necessary to fabricate this barrier system.

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This guardrail system may be used on designated scenic byways and heritage tour routes if funding can be arranged.

The Steel-backed Timber Guardrail system consists of a timber rail with a steel plate attached to the back to increase its tensile strength.

The most desirable method of terminating a run of Steel-backed Timber Guardrail is with a buried terminal in a backslope. When this is not feasible, the system is limited to use on highways with a posted speed of 45 mph or less, and the barrier run is required to flare away from the traveled way and terminate in a berm.

View Plan Sheet TB-25 (pdf 273 KB)
View Plan Sheet TB-26 (pdf 285 KB)
View Plan sheet TB-27 (pdf 198 KB)
View Plan Sheet TB-28 (pdf 386 KB)

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