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Precast Concrete Barrier Type 2 with Scupper (TB-1)

This drawing provides the necessary details to fabricate a New Jersey shaped Concrete Barrier with an opening in the base. This opening, called a "scupper", is used to allow run-off water from the roadway to pass under the barrier.

 TB-1.jpg, 5kb.

Concrete barriers with scuppers are a low-cost, temporary solution for isolated drainage problems.

One should note that a run of barrier will tend to concentrate the run-off water, and a single scupper may lead to soil erosion behind the barrier. Placing several scupper segments in a problem area will dissipate this water concentration.

Another concern with the use of scuppers is flooding. They have a tendency to readily clog with debris, thus rendering them ineffective. This, in turn, requires maintenance forces to monitor and clean the scuppers far more frequently than a conventional, enclosed drainage system.

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