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Barrier Mounted Sign Post (SD-4)

This plan depicts the fabrication and installation details for a tall sign post mounted on a single slope concrete barrier. 

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The bottom of the sign panel is mounted fourteen feet above the roadway surface. This height is compliant with the MUTCD and the sign installation can be in narrow medians where the shoulder is four feet wide.  The weight of the concrete barrier is critical as it must resist the wind load forces produced by a long level arm (tall sign post).  A twenty foot long segment of dual-faced, single sloped barrier has sufficient weight to resist the force. A pre-cast, New Jersey shaped (type 2) concrete barrier does not have the necessary weight and the drawings should not be modified for this type of installation. The anchor pins for Type 2 concrete Barrier shown in the Standard Plans were developed to resist lateral forces applied near the base of the barrier.  These pins would not be effective in resisting the uplifting force produced by high wind loads.

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