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Highway Runoff BMP's (HR-1 - HR-3)

These are typical Stormwater BMP details, generic in nature, and are not site specific. They are, however, adaptable to many project specific conditions. The plans contained in this library have been furnished as a template. It is intended that they be used as a "starting" point for the development of project specific drainage details to be included as part of the contract documents.

The utilization of these drawings assumes familiarization with Chapter 5 of the Highway Runoff Manual.

BMP Delineation - Linear-Type (HR-1)
View Plan Sheet (pdf, 89 kb)   
Download WinZip File (zip, 185 kb)

BMP Delineation - Pond-Type (HR-2)
View Plan Sheet (pdf, 115 kb) 
Download WinZip File (zip, 201 kb) 

BMP Delineation - Underground-Type (HR-3)
View Plan Sheet (pdf, 102 kb)
Download WinZip File (zip, 188 kb)
WinZip file contains the following file formats: .dgn, .dwg files

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