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Dual-Faced PCC Curb Retrofit Details (GD-12)

This cast-in-place cement concrete curb can be used on existing paved roadways. The design is an adaptation of the Dual-Faced Cement Concrete Traffic Curb shown in the Standard Plans.

View Larger Image - Dual Faced PCC Curb Retrofit Details (GD-12)

The retrofit curb does not require extensive removal of the existing pavement. The existing pavement is saw cut and only the material within the two cuts is removed. This curb is particularly useful when the underlying pavement is Portland Cement Concrete. Dowel bars are installed in the concrete pavement to provide anchorage for the curb. Dual-faced curbs are used to separate traffic flows (predominantly opposing directions). This six inch high vertical faced curb is not mountable and is best used to inhibit mid-block left turns and to provide some degree of protection in refuge separations on low speed streets.

View Larger Image - Dual Faced PCC Curb Retrofit Details (GD-12)

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