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Chain Link Fence on Retaining Wall (FS-1)

Department of Labor and Industry regulations require fall restraint systems for potential drop heights of 10 feet or more.

This design is intended to provide fall protection for maintenance activities and incidental pedestrian and animal traffic.  Although placing the fence posts into the fill material directly behind the top of the wall is less expensive, this could interfere with maintenance efforts on any adjacent gutter. This design also presents significant deterrence to ledge travel.

The cost of this system may be preferential to that of other restraints. Fall protection is also required wherever a sidewalk, walkway, or bike path is adjacent to a vertical drop of 2’-6” or more. Consider this an alternative to railing in cases where pedestrians, cyclists, etc. will be traveling along the top of the retaining wall and a more attractive railing is not necessary.

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This drawing provides the necessary details for installing chain link fence on a reinforced concrete retaining wall.

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