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Standard Plans Manual Archive

Manual Archives

Revision History
Current revision package
August 7, 2017 (pdf, 24.6 mb)

Revision Package History 
August 1, 2016 (pdf, 9.35mb)
August 3, 2015 (pdf, 63mb)
August 4, 2014 (pdf, 37mb)
August 5, 2013 (pdf, 13mb)
August 6, 2012 (pdf, 63mb)
August 1, 2011 (pdf, 99mb)
August 2, 2010 (pdf, 6mb)
December 7, 2009 (pdf, 16mb)
April 6, 2009 (pdf, 32mb)

Revision Summaries 
08-07-17 Revision (pdf, 101kb)
08-01-16 Revision (pdf, 137kb)
08-03-15 Revision (pdf, 129kb)
08-04-14 Revision (pdf, 31kb)
08-05-13 Revision (pdf, 42kb)
08-06-12 Revision (pdf, 27kb)
08-01-11 Revision (pdf, 70kb)
08-02-10 Revision (pdf, 122kb)
12-07-09 Revision (pdf, 86kb)

Check for the Approved for Publication Date
Individual Standard Plans may vary in content over time and are distinguished by the "Approved for Publication" date in the lower right corner of the plan. This date authorizes the plan's use in project design thereafter, but before that plan may be referred to in a set of contract provisions and plans, it must be listed in the "Standard Plans" General Special Provision (GSP), with its approval date, and be issued in the respective manual:  Standard Plans for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction M 21-01.

Effective Date
Individual Standard Plans Manuals vary regularly over time (scheduled for revision roughly every 12 months) and are identified by an Effective date, shown at the bottom of the Contents pages in the manual. The provisions of a contract indicate which Manual is valid for that contract by citing the Effective date. It also lists the plans with their approval dates, analogous to that Manual's table of contents (view current GSP).

Approved for Publication Date vs Effective Date
The "Approved for Publication" date applies to an individual Standard Plan, whereas the "Effective" date applies to a Standard Plans Manual publication. One should expect an individual Standard Plan to appear in several consecutive Manuals, i.e. that the same "Approved for Publication" date persists through several Effective date ranges.

The links below download Adobe Acrobat files of Standard Plans Manuals in effect between the dates listed, with the first date of each entry being the Effective date as indicated in the "Standard Plans" General Special Provision of a contract. One should be careful to note any addenda which may indicate a different date.

Manual Archives

August 1, 2016 to August 6, 2017(pdf 194 MB)

August 3, 2015 to July 31, 2016(pdf 141 MB)

August 4, 2014 to August 2, 2015 (pdf 126 MB)

August 5, 2013 to August 3, 2014 (pdf 120 mb)

August 6, 2012 to August 4, 2013 (pdf 35 mb)

August 1, 2011 to August 5, 2012 (pdf 163 mb)

August 2, 2010 to July 31, 2011 (pdf 152 mb)

December 6, 2009 to August 1, 2010 (pdf 143 mb)

April 6, 2009 to December 6, 2009 (pdf 133.5 mb)

August 4, 2008 to April 5, 2009 (pdf 125 mb)

January 7, 2008 to August 3, 2008 (pdf 48 mb)

April 2, 2007 to January 6, 2008  (pdf 94 mb)

August 7, 2006 to April 1, 2007  (pdf 102 mb)

January 3, 2006 to August 6, 2006  (pdf 96 mb)

April 4, 2005 to January 2, 2006  (pdf 72 mb)

August 2, 2004 to April 3, 2005  (pdf 57 mb)

January 5, 2004 to August 1, 2004  (pdf 45 mb)

April 7, 2003 to January 4, 2004  (pdf 40 mb)

August 5, 2002 to April 6, 2003  (pdf 32 mb)

January 7, 2002 to August 4, 2002  (pdf 24 mb)


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