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Future Standard Plans

Future Standard Plans are those approved for publication, that are awaiting the next installment of a revision package (an annual cycle) before they can be referenced from a contract. We post them on the Standard Plans website as they become approved. A Future Standard Plan may be included in a forthcoming contract as a detail sheet. 

View (pdf, 250 kb)   Dnld (zip, 184 kb) B-10.20-02 Catch Basin Type 2

View (pdf, 228 kb)   Dnld (zip, 468 kb) B-20.40-04 Drywell Type 2 (with Pipe Inlet)

View (pdf, 475 kb) Dnld (zip, 211 kb) B-25.20-02 Combination Inlet

View (pdf, 232 kb) Dnld (zip, 86 kb) B-25.60-02 Concrete Inlet

View (pdf, 178 kb) Dnld (zip, 83 kb) B-30.10-03 Rectangular Frame (Reversible)

View (pdf, 162 kb) Dnld (zip, 85 kb) B-30.15-00 ADA Grates for Rectangular Frames

View (pdf, 180 kb) Dnld (zip, 133 kb) B-30.20-04 Rectangular Solid Metal Cover

View (pdf, 167 kb) Dnld (zip, 120 kb) B-30.30-03 Rectangular Vaned Grate

View (pdf, 175 kb) Dnld (zip, 130 kb) B-30.40-03 Rectangular Bi-Directional Vaned Grate

View (pdf, 164 kb) Dnld (zip, 91 kb) B-30.50-03 Rectangular Herringbone Grate

View (pdf, 237 kb) Dnld (zip, 127 kb) B-30.70-04 Circular Frame (Ring) and Cover

View (pdf, 155 kb) Dnld (zip, 90 kb) B-30.80-01 Circular Grate

View (pdf, 197 kb) Dnld (zip, 256 kb) B-55.20-02 Pipe Zone Bedding and Backfill

View (pdf, 193 kb) Dnld (zip, 387 kb) B-60.40-01 Coupling Bands for Corrugated Pipe

View (pdf, 212 kb) Dnld (zip, 121 kb) B-75.20-02 Headwalls for Culvert Pipe and Underpass

View (pdf, 272 kb) Dnld (zip, 544 kb) I-30.60-01 Erosion Control Details Coir Log Placement