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Future Standard Plans

Future Standard Plans are those approved for publication, that are awaiting the next installment of a revision package (an annual cycle) before they can be referenced from a contract. We post them on the Standard Plans website as they become approved. A Future Standard Plan may be included in a forthcoming contract as a detail sheet. 

View    dnld    A-40.20-04    Bridge Paving Joint Seals 

View    dnld    B-5.20-02      Catch Basin Type 1

View    dnld    B-5.40-02      Catch Basin Type 1L

View   dnld    B-5.60-02       Catch Basin Type 1P (for parking lot)

View   dnld    B-10.40-01     Catch Basin Type 2 with flow restrictor

View   dnld    B-10.70-00     Catch Basin - PVC

View   dnld    B-15.60-02     Manhole Type 3

View   dnld    B-25.60-01     Concrete Inlet

View   dnld    B-30.10-02     Rectangular Frame  (reversible)

View    dnld    B-30.20-03    Rectangular Solid Metal Cover

View    dnld    B-30.30-02    Rectangular Vaned Grate
View    dnld    B-30.40-02    Rectangular Bi-Directional Vaned Grate

View    dnld    B-30.50-02    Rectangular Herringbone Grate

View    dnld    B-30.90-02    Miscellaneous Details for Drainage Structures

View    dnld    B-40.40-02    Frame and Dual Vaned Grates for Grate Inlet

View    dnld    B-45.20-01    Drop Inlet Type 1

View    dnld    B-55.20-01    Pipe Zone Bedding and Backfill

View    dnld    B-70.60-01    Flared End Sections

View    dnld    B-90.40-01    Concrete Thrust Block

View    dnld   G-24.50-04    Steel Sign Support Types ST-1 -
                                           ST-2 Installation Details

View    dnld    G-90.10-03    Overhead Sign Bracing and Mounting

View    dnld    G-90.20-05    Overhead Sign Mounting
                                            (Monotube Structure)

View    dnld    G-90.30-04    Overhead Sign Moounting
                                            (Truss Structure)

View    dnld    J-10.25-00    Transformer Cabinet
                                           (480V/240V - 240V/120V)

View    dnld    M-11.10-02   Railroad Crossing Layout

View    dnld    M-12.10-00   Roundabout Pavement Markings

View    dnld    M-24.65-00   BMP Delineation Linear Type

View    dnld    M-24.66-00   BMP Delineation Underground and Pond Type

View    dnld    M-40.30-01   Guide Post Placement Grade Intersections