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Erosion Control

Roadside hydroseeding application

Project sites require erosion control when vegetation is removed, when the soil is disturbed, or when water flow has the potential to cause erosion. All erosion control BMPs require regular maintenance.

Erosion Nest

The picture of a bird’s nest above demonstrates the consequences of using non-biodegradable materials.

WSDOT now uses only biodegradable erosion control blankets on projects as a Standard. Biodegradable BMPs fulfill erosion control functions AND they do not persist in the environment.

Erosion Control Resources
Erosion Control Program

Standard Specification 9-14: Erosion Control and Roadside Planting Materials (pdf, 130kb)

Standard Specification 8-01: Erosion Control and Water Pollution Control (pdf, 952kb)

Hydromulch Materials Summary Sheet (pdf, 30kb)