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Unit Bid Analysis

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The Unit Bid Analysis (UBA) contains the bid history for Standard Bid Items used in WSDOT projects.

This Bid History data includes a listing of projects in which a bid item was used, the Low, Second and Third bidder information for those projects, as well as the quantity and measurement data.
The Unit Bid Analysis Provides a good starting point for determining Bid Item costs
The link below connects to Construction Material Unit Price History for several major items commonly used in WSDOT Construction projects.  These graphs illustrate cost trends for the items over a 20 year time period. 
By using these graphs in conjunction with the UBA, you may see if the cost is currently trending Up, Down or remaining steady. 
Materials Unit Price History
Concrete Pavement Roadway Excavation
Structural Concrete Steel Reinforcing Bar
Hot Mix Asphalt Structural Steel
Crushed Surfacing

Access the Searchable Database

SEARCH the UBA History

UBA Tool Help (pdf 146 kb)  

To ensure available Bid Data is current, new projects are added to the Database at Award of Contract. ( Award typically occurs within one week of Bid Opening )

All queries ran against the database may either be printed as a report or saved in Excel format.

NOTE: All query results are returned by AD DATE.

WSDOT Estimators

For indepth analysis of Bid Data, please use the Bid Tabs Pro (Oman Systems) application.  This application is level playing field and is available to all WSDOT employees. For installation contact your Region IT representative or Headquarters IT Help Desk.

For technical assistance with the application, please contact:
Tomi Hume-Pontius  360.705.7456

Queries can be by contractor, quantity, county, bid letting dates, and many others. This data is mostly used as a cost estimating source.

When using the “FIND” feature while viewing these documents, please limit your searches to only one word at a time. Multiple word searches will return false results.

Information Current, Last update: July 2013