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Design Manual Errata

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This page provides Design Manual technical errata. Use the table below to locate errata for specific sections and pages.

Table of Errata

Multiple chapters that contain

Issued with the Nov 2015 Design Manual
This Errata explains that design deviations are being replaced by design analysis. Procedures and approvals are described in Chapters 300 and 1106.

The Technical Errata informs readers to replace the term 'deviation' with 'design analysis' where encountered in the November 2015 manual.

For further information, See the Nov. 2015 Design Manual for those chapters and the Technical Errata page as well.
(published with Design Manual)
1230 1230.03, second line of text replace "though" with "through"  11/30/15
Contents Page 24 Corrected titles of Exhibits 1520-7, 8, & 9 are as follows:

1520-7 Approach Through Lanes

1520-8 Bike Box and Intersection Crossing Markings

1520-9 Two-Stage Left-Turn Queue Box
1100 1100.07 Replace "four" with "five" in the following sentence:

WSDOT has identified four primary design controls
1103 1103.04
2nd paragraph
Replace "established" with "acquired"  in the following sentence:

However, if access control has been established by purchase of access rights, this evaluation and selection is not necessary.