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Hydraulics Training

HQ Hydraulics provides training for several classes that deal with hydraulic and stormwater design for WSDOT projects. Listed below is a description of each class as well as scheduled training dates. For more information on the following courses, contact the Training and Development Unit at (360) 705-7060.

Highway Runoff Manual Training

Since 2008, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) made substantial changes to the Highway Runoff Manual (HRM), which is the primary source of stormwater planning and design requirements for highway-related work in the state of Washington. The 2014 Highway Runoff Manual training is for WSDOT staff, local agencies, and consultants. It is targeted toward engineers, designers, environmental professionals, project managers, and planners whose work on transportation-related stormwater issues requires use of WSDOT’s HRM.

As an obligation under WSDOT’s NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit, this training is required for WSDOT staff involved in stormwater facility design on WSDOT projects. In addition, consultants involved in stormwater facility design are required to have this training prior to working on WSDOT projects.

Annually, WSDOT holds the 2014 HRM training twice a year. To meet geographical needs, WSDOT usually holds at least one class in western Washington and one in eastern Washington. The training is two days long. Participants who satisfactorily complete the full two day training and pass the final exam will be issued a 2014 HRM Certificate of Completion that has a unique certificate number. This certificate number is required on Hydraulic Reports made for WSDOT projects that include any stormwater design work.

2014 HRM Training (In-Class)
Scheduled Training Dates: 

  • Tacoma, WA - June 22 - 23, 2016

For WSDOT staff, please use the Learning Management System (LMS) to register for the in-class training called “WSDOT DES: 2014 Highway Runoff Manual Training”. The LMS course code is WSDOT_DBI.

For local agency staff and consultants, please use the following link to register for the 2014 Highway Runoff Manual Training. Please note there is a course fee of $200 for consultants. The course fee is waived for local agency staff. 

Hydraulics and Highway Drainage (WSDOT internal training)

Two-day in-class, LMS course code WSDOT_AGH

The focus of the class is the Hydraulics Manual and is designed to introduce new engineers to the fundamental principles of drainage design. Topics include: hydrology methods, selection and sizing of culverts, pavement drainage, open channel flow, and storm sewer design.

Scheduled Training Dates: TBD

The Hydraulics and Hydrology Training Course Manual is available in pdf format along with a 12 set DVD, both are for internal distribution only.

MGSFlood Training (WSDOT internal training)

One-day class, LMS course code WSDOT_MGSFlood

This class offers hands-on training with the new version of MGSFlood computer program. Participants will learn to model BMPs like the compost amended vegetated filter strip (CAVFS), detention ponds, and biofiltration swales. Infiltration facilities will also be discussed and modeled following the design methods of HRM Chapters 4 and 5.

Scheduled Training Dates: TBD

MGSFlood Training Examples:

These below examples are only for WSDOT training purposes and should not be used for real world design. Please see the MGSFlood website for a free trial version of the software. 

StormShed3G Beginner (WSDOT internal training)

One-day class. LMS course code WSDOT_BUY.

Prerequisite: Hydraulics and Hydrology training course.

WSDOT uses StormShed3G to design conveyance systems including pipe, storm sewer, and ditches. The class will give students general knowledge of the StormShed3G software and its capabilities along with hands on experience. Examples are used to teach students how to set up basins, design ditches and networks, as well as how to determine the correct design storm events. BMP design guidance from the HRM is included in the training material.

Scheduled Training Dates: To be determined

StormShed3G Beginner Examples for Western Washington only

StormShed3G Beginner Examples for Eastern Washington only

StormShed3G Intermediate (WSDOT internal training)

One-day class for Eastern Washington. LMS course code WSDOT_BK7.

Prerequisite: StormShed3G Beginner course.

This course is usually offered the next day after the Beginner course. Students will go through several examples of runoff treatment and flow control BMP designs. Examples include: 

  • Biofiltration swales
  • Vegetative Filter Strips
  • Natural Dispersion
  • Long Duration Storms
  • Detention Ponds, Infiltration Ponds, and Bioinfiltration Ponds

BMP design guidance from the HRM is included in the training material.
Scheduled Training Dates: To be determined

StormShed3G Intermediate Beginner Examples for Eastern Washington only