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Hydraulics and Hydrology Course

  • Two-day class
  • Schedule through ATMS;
  • Course code AGH

A video of this class is available as a reference tool to the designer. Contact your region Hydraulic contact to check out a copy of the DVD set. The Hydraulics and Hydology Training Course Manual to accompany this 12 DVD set is available below in pdf format.

Hydraulics and Hydrology Training Course Manual

The following manual chapters are in pdf format.

Introduction  (180 kb)

Section 1: Probability, Risk, & Rainfall  (337 kb)

Section 2: Rational Formula (643 kb)

Section 3: SBUH Method  (2.82 mb)

Section 4: Hydrologic Methods  (877 kb)

Section 4a: Hydrologic Methods (continued)  (620 kb)

Section 5: Open Channel Flow  (1.04 mb)

Section 6: Roadway Geometrics & Pavement Drainage (211 kb)

Section 7: Storm Drain System Theory  (406 kb)

Section 8: Structural Design of Culverts & Pipe Materials (937 kb)

Section 8a: Culvert End Treatements & Structural Design of Culverts & Pipe Materials (629 kb)

Section 9: Culvert Design  (640 kb)

Section 10: Fish Passage  (300 kb)

Section 11: HY8 Culvert Design Software (258 kb)