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CAE Support

The Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Office is part of the WSDOT Development Division.  CAE provides (see primary responsibilities at bottom of page) technical support in the disciplines of roadway design/drafting software support and design visualization to all WSDOT offices. CAE also provides varying degrees of technical support to other state and local agencies.

Deliverable File Formats

Bentley MicroStation V8i SS2 and InRoads V8i SS2 (v8.11.07.xx), are the official WSDOT drafting and design applications and versions.  All deliverables to WSDOT shall be in the official version and produced using current CAE resources unless otherwise stated in a specific Consultant Liaison Agreement.

Resource Download

Get the current CAE resources and field reference material here.

Consultant partners working on WSDOT projects that utilize ProjectWise may download the ProjectWise Client software.  ProjectWise V8i SS3 has known issues with InRoads XM - please contact specific WSDOT project offices for information on which version to download.  For support or questions regarding these vendor installs, please Contact Bentley.

Notification of Updates

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Technical Notes

Process and custom tool technotes are available here:


WSDOT is currently updating to MicroStation and InRoads version V8i.  When appropriate, technotes and training will be available in both versions.

CAE Primary Responsibilities

The CAE Office has primary responsibility for the following:

  • Provide support for the Department's roadway design software.
  • Provide support for the Department's computer aided drafting software.
  • Provide support for ProjectWise and other emerging technologies.
  • Provide Design Visualizations to HQ and Regions to communicate design features, possible project impacts and benefits.
  • Maintain and update WSDOT Electronic Engineering Data Standards manual.
  • Provide InRoads, MicroStation, and ProjectWise training for WSDOT personnel.  

CAE Technical Assistance

The CAE Office offers technical assistance to other offices for the following:

  • Instructing project offices on how to do simple design visualizations.
  • MicroStation installation and operation technical assistance.
  • InRoads installation and operation technical assistance.
  • ProjectWise installation and operation technical assistance.
  • Bentley software resource development.