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Resource Updates

For external WSDOT customers using MicroStation and InRoads with Windows 7 operating systems

Current Release (July 14th, 2015)
Full Install: WSDOTCAE_1.3.20.3 zip (zip, 34.7 MB)
Patch:  There is no patch for this release

Installation Notes: 
This install includes resources for both MicroStation and InRoads. The WSDOT resources are designed to install in their own folders separate and distinct from the program software or any other resource set. Installation instructions (pdf) 

These resources are periodically updated - Please notify me of updates.

Resource History:
The Resource Release Notes track changes to the WSDOT resources.

WSDOT CAE custom resources are developed and tested for the Windows 7 operating systems and WSDOT level playing field applications. WSDOT does not guarantee these resources to function successfully in other computing environments.