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InRoads Instructions

InRoads Resource Installation Instructions

For use with InRoads V8.5 or InRoads XM

It is recommended that you download the resource zip file to a temporary directory outside of the Bentley Application directory (i.e. C:\Temp or C:\My Download Files).

Once the resource zip file has been downloaded, the following procedure will set up InRoads to run using the WSDOT Workspaces. It is required that you have InRoads already installed before proceeding.

NOTE - This procedure:

  • Is the same whether for a patch or a full installation.
  • Assumes you are using the standard MicroStation V8 and InRoads install locations - C:\Program Files\Bentley as the applications directory.

To Install WSDOT InRoads Resources

  1. Backup ImpExp.ini
    Using Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Program Files\Bentley\Civil\Data. In this folder, find the file ImpExp.ini. If this file includes unique survey imports or export translators to your company/agency, then rename this file. WSDOT resources will replace this file with our standard ImpExp.ini. This text file may be edited to include both WSDOT and your unique entries.
  2. Unzip Resources
    Unzip the resource zip file to the root level of your C: drive making sure the “Use Folder Names option is active. The WSDOT Resources will be unzipped to the C:\CAE_RSC folder.
    • C:\CAE_RSC\InRoads contains the InRoads resources.
    • C:\CAE_RSC\COMMON contains the WSDOT utilities not directly related to MicroStation such as the Create WSDOT Project utility.
    • Three files will be unzipped to the C:\PROGRAM FILES\BENTLEY\CIVIL\DATA folder that enable the import of WSDOT specific survey files that are in the WAS format.

  3. Clean Out Obsolete Files:
    Some files may no longer be applicable to the current resource version. This step removes obsolete files to keep the folder structure clean.

    NOTE: if the file C:\CAE_RSC\InRoads\Cleanup_[PatchDate].bat is not included in the zip file, there are no files to clean up. Proceed to the next step.

    Run C:\CAE_RSC\InRoads\Cleanup_[PatchDate].bat

  4. Starting InRoads with the WSDOT V8 Resources
    It is strongly recommended to start MicroStation first in the desired WSDOT environment and then activate InRoads with the appropriate "MDL L ..." Key-In command.

    Based on the version of MicroStation on your workstation, use the appropriate icon to activate the MicroStation Expanded Level environment:
    • C:\CAE_RSC\MicroStation V8 WSDOT Expanded
    • C:\CAE_RSC\MicroStation XM WSDOT Expanded

    Once inside of MicroStation, open InRoads by loading the mdl for InRoads. Typically, the Key-In commands to load InRoads via MDL are as shown below though, of course, they depend on the installation location on your workstation:

for InRoads XM:
MDL L "C:\Program Files\Bentley\InRoads Group V8.9\bin\"

for InRoads V8
MDL L "C:\Program Files\Bentley\Civil\bin\" 

If you have any questions concerning this procedure contact one of the following:

Rob Harris
CAE Support