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InRoads Resource Release Notes



  • Corrected bug that was causing a Control Panel error when no FormValues.txt file was found.
  • Added WSDOT preferences for the Sight Visibilty application add-in. Both Roadway visibilty and Surface visibility command preferences included.
  • Added WSDOT_CrossSectionGradebookWide.xsl stylesheet which includes features.
  • Added 15 scale preference for cross section generation.
  • New component added to WSDOT.itl for Type 31 guardrail. Blocking is 12" (standard plan C-28.40-00)
  • Change Survey Options preference in Adjusted Units to US Feet. Even if no WSDOT xin is loaded units will be correct for survey imports.
  • Corrected bug with Create Project utility that was causing the project defaults for Survey projects to be incorrect.
  • Updated survey code lists. Removed the SR520 specific codes and removed code for BL_PT_Generic.
  • Defined Fieldbook Audit Trail file for the Tools > Survey Options command.
  • Modified Create Project utility so that the correct entry is added to project specific XIN files.
  • Revised WSDOT preference for Survey > Survey Data to Geometry. Description is set to Use Codes.
  • Revised reports and report structure so that all available reports are WSDOT formatted and approved.
  • Corrected license server name for MicroStation 2004 in license file.
  • Revised WSDOT preference for Survey > Survey Data to Surface. Description is set to Use Codes and Curve Stroke is set to Horizontal Only.
  • Toggled fill on for all XS_SF items in cross section view.
  • Renamed the Survey > Network Symbology preference from WSDOT Existing to WSDOT.
  • Changed the Default Style Point Symbology from a Symbol to a Cell (BL_PT_GenericPointSymbol) to make sure the symbol shows up exactly on the point.
  • Adjusted the preferences and symbologies for the Tracking command to make multiple colors available and to place cell rather than font symbol.
  • Added parametric label to TemplateDetail.xsl stylesheet. Fixed constraint values in TemplateDetail.xsl, TemplateComponentConstraint.xsl and TemplateDropsConstraints.xsl.
  • Changed Default named symbology point symbol to BL_PT_GenericPointSymbol to ensure the accurate location of the symbol and for consistency.
  • Replaced TDSR.TIW and Carlson_GPS.tiw with updated files. The files have been updated with new filters for --GT, --OFFSET, --Adjustment and --RTK Method.
  • Bug fix in Create Project macro (common folder) on issue with InRoads project defaults.
  • Added version specific survey file import options to handle importing survey data on XM workstations and V8i workstations.




  • Variety of new and improved WSDOT report stylesheets.
  • New levels, cells, symbologies and geometry styles created for ST_BG_BearingCenterlineNew, ST_BG_ColumnCenterlineNew, ST_BG_PierCenterlineNew, ST_BG_BackPavementSeatNew and
  • New level, cell, symbologies, surface and survey styles created for TR_TS_DataStationNew.
  • New level, cell, symbologies, surface and survey styles created for TR_TS_DataStation.New levels, cells, symbologies and geometry styles created for UT_CM_CablePedestalNew and
  • New levels, cells, symbologies, surface and survey styles created for UT_CM_CablePedestal, UT_CM_TelephonePedestal and UT_CM_UnknownPedestal.


  • New version of Create Project to comply with July 2010 Electronic Engineering Data Standards (EEDS)manual.
  • Adjusted the TDSR and Carlson_GPS text import wizards (.TIW) files with the _GS filter for the Import GPS fixed point data.
  • Curve Stroking value set to Horizontal Only for WSDOT preference used with Survey Data to Geometry and Survey Data to Surface.
  • Cross references to the Design Manual in the Help file for Superelevation Calculator were updated to reflect the DM changes in organization.
  • An end condition and typical section have been created in the WSDOT_templates.itl file that includes a point for the back of ditch (BKD) which is needed for staking.
  • Added new DataCollection resport style sheet WSDOT_SurvCE_CustomCrossSection. This style sheet formats Station base reports in a text format compliant with the SurvCE Section Conversion for InRoads.
  • Added new StationOffset report style sheet WSDOT_TransverseFeatures. This style sheet
    contains the tranverse feature station base report with the hoizontal alignment added.
  • Added new Evaluation report stylesheet WSDOT_CrossSectionSurfacesAndExceptions.xsl.
  • New levels, cells, symbologies, surface and survey styles created for UT_CM_CablePedestal, UT_CM_TelephonePedestal and UT_CM_UnknownPedestal.
  • New levels, cells, symbologies and geometry styles created for UT_CM_CablePedestalNew and UT_CM_TelephonePedestalNew.
  • New level, cell, symbologies, surface and survey styles created for TR_TS_DataStation.
  • New level, cell, symbologies, surface and survey styles created for TR_TS_DataStationNew.
  • New levels, cells, symbologies and geometry styles created for ST_BG_BearingCenterlineNew, ST_BG_ColumnCenterlineNew, ST_BG_PierCenterlineNew, ST_BG_BackPavementSeatNew and


  • Updated resources to reflect changes made for December 2009 update. Changes include resources for Yield Lines, resized catch basins and manholes, resources for Addendum Clouds and multiple corrections to items in Section 3 - Right of Way Plans.
  • Added WSDOT Preference for Create Template command.  New preferences adjust text settings so that Display Template command is more readable.
  • Added WSDOT Preference for Surface=>View Surface=>Surface Elevation command.
  • Added WSDOT Preference for Surface=>View Surface=>Surface Slope Vector command.
  • Corrected functionality in Slopestake macro attached to Cancel button.


  • The InRoads XM XIN file was modified so that a new cell BL_PT_GenericPointSymbol is used to mark point locations for Named Symbologies that don't use their own cell. This should fix the problem where the plus symbol was not exactly centered on the point's location (even though point's coordinates were correct).
  • The WSDOT standard Roadway Template was updated. Fixed the R_Fill point feature name override in Fixed Ditch w/subg intercept template. Added Type 2 retaining wall template plus indivdual components based on wall heights. Added Sawcut & Widening end condition.
  • The WSDOT slopestake macro was enhanced to display all the features in the XML report and allow user to choose which on will be used as the report baseline.
  • Headers in InRoads 2004 INI files were updated to reflect date of last change.
  • The InRoads tool to import/export user settings was added to the WSDOT Toolbox under InRoads Utilities. This utility takes project default configurations, custom toolbars and macros, project files, and survey text import wizard (.tiw) files and copies from a project directory folder location to a backup folder location and vice versa. It is designed to facilitate the saving of InRoads user specific files, especially ones that reside in the Windows registry making it easier to move InRoads files from one PC to another.
  • WSDOT preference set for InRoads command to View Vertical Alignment was modified to better display the High and Low points of the profile if selected by the user.
  • The preferences for viewing vertical annotation were adjusted to that the station format and prefixes are correct.
  • The preferences for Creating a Profile were adjust to turn off all objects associated with Center Axes which came into play when a user hand entered the elevations to use for the profile grid.
  • The WSDOT preferences for the Survey Data to Surface command were adjusted to use Horizontal Only stroking.
  • The survey codes for DR_PP_DententionPond and DR_PP_DetentionPondNew were modified so that these features will import into the surface model as 3D breaklines.
  • New WSDOT preferences were added for Surface>View Surface>Single Point>Surface Elevation and Surface=>View Surface>Slope Vector.


  • Three new WSDOT reports have been added to the InRoads resources to assist with reporting on roadway designs.
    One for opening the IRD directly, one for the Results Report run from the Roadway Designer, and a third for
    the Design Input Report also run from the Roadway Designer.
  • Created a level, named symbology and surface feature for BL_LN_TranverseFeature.
  • The Apply Affixes toggle has been cleared in the WSDOT preferences.
  • The clearance report was modified to include the description and styles for the offset points.
  • Custom operations that were generating the text for manholes was removed. Text sizes for other custom
    operations was adjusted to correct sizes.
  • Preferences for the Geometry=View Geometry=>Station Base/Clearance Annotation command have been updated for
    more consistent annotation.
  • Added new levels and InRoads entries for ST_BG_BridgePier, ST_BG_BridgePierColumn ST_BG_BridgePierNew and
  • New report - WSDOT_HorizontalAlignmentAreaReview - created to show area and perimeter for closed chains.
  • XS_SF_CSBC assigned color 13 so that it is differentiated from XS_SF_QuantitiesFill.
  • A WSDOT Preference for the View Closed Area command has been created.
  • Point annotation configured for most geometry styles to annotate Name, Description, Northing/Easting and
    Elevation. Points will not be annotated by default in the WSDOT preferences, but that option can be easily
    toggled on in the Geometry=>View Geometry=>Horizontal Annotation command.
  • Point symbols will no longer be set to display with the horizontal annotation preferences that produce PS&E
    compliant centerlines. The names of these preferences were changed to WSDOT Existing Alignment and WSDOT
    New Alignment to reflect that they produce alignments only. WSDOT preferences are still set to display points.


  • The text sizes throughout the WSDOT resources have been adjusted to match the November 2008 Plans Preparation Manual.  An option to use the pre Nov 2008 standards will be available on the WSDOT menu through June 2009.  Please see:
    Resource Update.pdf
    Nov 08 PPM Text Conversion.pdf
    for complete details and instructions.


  • Added new level, symbology, surface feature and geometry style for AL_RW_CLinePrivateRoad.  Follow Tech Notes for Updating XIN (8.9 users) and INI (8.5 users) files.
    InRoads-IPF Synch.pdf
    InRoads XM-Updating Project XIN.pdf.
  • Survey Code SF (BL_LN_StressFracture) has been adjusted to be a DNC breakline survey feature.
  • Added a new series of levels, symbologies, surface features, geometry styles and preferences for new structure/wall alignments. See AL_SA_CLineWallNew* resources. This and other changes will require updating your project XIN files per the Tech Notes:
    InRoads-IPF Synch.pdf
    Inroads XM-Updating Project XIN.pdf
  • RD_MK_LaneEdgeNew was corrected to RD_ED_LaneEdgeNew. The InRoads surface data on the old level will need to be update per the referenced Tech Note. Users will need to update data with older, incorrect feature.  See Tech Note:
    InRoads-Updating Surface Features.pdf
  • The settings for the named symbology Default have been adjusted.
    -Fill has been disabled.
    -Text justifications set to Left Bottom.
    -Annotation for Name and Description have been enabled.
  • RW_BD_CityRWBndry geometry style now works correctly on arcs.
  • SH_RP_OriginalGroundProfile now uses a custom linestyle to solve issues with existing ground profiles not plotting correctly when there are a great number of vertices in them.
  • EngBWemf.plt and EngCemf.plt have been added (back) to the resources. These plot config files are a very good choice for creating files to be inserted into Word or Powerpoint documents.
  • Problem with the XIN that was causing aborts when selecting the Styles tab of the Horizontal Annotation command has been addressed. NOTE: you will need to have synched your project XIN file for this fix to apply. This and other changes will require updating your project XIN files per the Tech Notes:
    InRoads-IPF Synch.pdf
    XM-Updating Project XIN.pdf
  • The WSDOT preference for the View Stationing command has been adjusted so that the major station labels have the format SS+SS.SS. The WSDOT Existing and WSDOT New preferences are unchanged.
  • Added files to help with the process of converting CAiCE geometry data into InRoads, particularly when
    the workflow involves incrementally importing CAiCE data into InRoads via LandXML. See:
    InRoads-GUID for CAiCE to InRoads Geometry.pdf


  • Survey codes were corrected so that syntax for formerly alphanumeric codes is consistent in the alphonly env of InRoads. Format is consistently JB2T CAiCE code is JBbT InRoads code.
  • Settings have been adjusted so that station lock is on and highlight lock is off in WSDOT_Standards.XIN and in newly created project level resources.
  • Station format in the WSDOT starting drafting notes was corrected.
  • Text offsets for viewing survey data and writing survey data to graphics in the WSDOT preferences have been adjusted to work better with our workflows.
  • Levels and symbologies for materials CSBC, CSTC, HMA, ATB, CCP and ROCKCAP have been added to the XS_SF section.
    New WSDOT report Template WSDOTStationBaseOffsetSlope report.
  • Removed chain link backgroundf from standard InRoads reports. Added a WSDOT watermark to WSDOTListCoordinateswithPointDesc and WSDOTRoadwaySetup.


  • Due to the potential for differing and/or multiple versions of microstation and inroads (V8 and XM) icons to start inroads directly are no longer provided in the WSDOT resources. Users will need to start microstation with the appropriate icon and then activate inroads from within microstation.
  • New macro (C:\cae_rsc\common\AddingGUID\AddingGUID.exe) to assist transferring geometry data from CAiCE to InRoads. This macro helps particularly when the workflow involves incrementally importing CAiCE data into InRoads via LandXML.
  • The SuperElevation Calculator (c:\cae_rsc\common\supercalculator.exe) has been modified to allow users to either hand input super elevation values or use the calculator function and still be able to export the data for use in CAiCE or InRoads.
  • The default InRoads XM template library was updated to add the Alternate Surface switch to the end conditions. Our current production library uses the Alternate Surface as SUBG in the backbone only.
    This library extends the subgrade to the end conditions (the subgrade and finished grade are on the same line outside of the backbone). This change was made to clarify potential subgrade surface deliverables for machine control grading purposes.
  • The use of drafting notes is now better supported in the WSDOT environment. A starting drafting notes file (.dft) is now created when a new project is set up. For existing projects copy :\cae_rsc_test\inroads\Standards\wsdot_dnotes.dft to the …\Design\Standards\projname_wsdot_dnotes.dft
    where projname is the actual name of your project.
  • The slopestake macro C:\cae_rsc\InRoads\Utilities\SlopeStake.xls) was modified with user requested formatting changes.
  • Added new data type RD_MK_BikeSymbolArrow as MicroStation level, named symbology, surface features and geometry point style (geometry styles in XM only).
  • Added new data type ST_BG_Substructure as MicroStation level, named symbology, survey feature and surface feature.
  • Added new data type ST_BG_SubstructureNew as MicroStation level, named symbology, surface feature and
    geometry point style (geometry style in XM only).
  • Added new data type RD_ED_SubgradeShoulderNew as a CAD level, named symbology, feature style, and geometry style (geometry style for XM only).
  • Added new data type RD_ED_SawCutTextNew as a CAD level and named symbology.
  • Changed field code for ST_DR_Drywell to DW only. Assigned W to TP_MM_Well.
  • Formerly standard levels TR_IL_LuminaireOther and TR_ILLuminaireOtherNew have been added to the list of levels to be updated to current standards by the standard WSDOT methods for updating levels.
  • AL_RW_ClineRWNonCntrlEx is now activated as a Geometry Spiral feature in XM.
  • Help files for WSDOT's customized utilities for InRoads users have been updated.
  • A new style sheet for error ellipse reporting is now available.
  • Named symbologies have been created for all text types in the WSDOT environment. This was in direct support of the use of Drafting Notes, but also allows users greater flexibility with annotation of all sorts in InRoads.
  • XM preference controlling the plotting of superelevation diagrams were modified to ensure the diagram is placed just below the profile.
  • XM preferences related to annotating vertical alignments was modified to better reflect WSDOT standards for labeling profiles.
  • The preferences used for view End Area Volumes have been updated in XM to provide better results.
  • Activated Allow Tabling option for all Geometry Styles in InRoads XM.
  • Turned on Fill attribute for all XS_SF named symbologies to facilitate plotting closed components in cross section view.
  • Modified template for project documentation spreadsheet to change L1234 to L#### as prompt to add correct L-number for the project.
  • Surface feature style 3D Only now excludes Exterior Boundaries.
  • The reports on changed levels was edited to correct the date of the last set of changes to 4/2/08.


  • Update field code list are provided in cae_rsc\inroads\standards
  • The Template library for XM has been enhanced.
    • Standard point names.
    • Revised subgrade catch for stability.
    • Updated Standard Plans components and updated Documentation links.
    • Added components that include Feature Name Overrides for
      end conditions.
    • Included a folder for examples from projects. These
      examples don't use WDSOT CAE conventions, but do
      provide ideas for specific scenarios.
    • Updated the Point Name list.
  • The levels and related resources for the Categories TR_IL, TR_SG and TR_TS have been reviewed and revamped. Many cells have been added and many others have been resized. The results have been reviewed and approved by HQ Traffic and various regional Traffic users and should provide a much
    cleaner product.
  • New generic feature styles and geometry styles have been added to our resources. These are for designers' use when inputting features or alignments into InRoads when no standard feature is desired. The style and features are named DS_GE_*** for Design Generic and come in eight colors.
  • The roadway marking levels have been redone and reorganized. The new set of levels contains styles that are visually different for New and Existing and are organized in a simpler manner.
    The Bridge and Tunnel levels and field codes have been consolidated into DNC levels. NOTE: in general these linestyles are not to be used on PS&E contract plans and therefore do not show up under PS&E Base on the WSDOT menu. You can access these linestyles under All Items on the menu.
  • Survey Option Preferences have been added to support the two different methods of creating survey deliverables.
  • A new InRoads style sheet (ListCoordinatesWithPointDesc.xsl) is available that creates a geometry report that includes point descriptions.
  • Resources have been added to facilitate Batch Printing in the WSDOT environment. Users can plot any combination of half-size or full size, color and monochrome to Windows devices. Can batch print to PDF files and have pre-defined settings to print InRoads cross sections. A tech note on this subject is available on the WSDOT CAE Website.
  • The super elevation tables for CAiCE, InRoads and the SuperCalculator have been updated to be in conformance with the November 2007 Design Manual changes.
  • A bug that caused the InRoads 8.5 and XM radial buttons to disappear from the Create Project dialog has been fixed.
  • InRoads startup environment has been changed so that the Feature Filter lock is off by default.
  • Extra, unneeded files in cae_rsc\inroads\libraries have been removed.
  • A new level and symbology (Al_HW_CurveDataText) has been created for curve data generated by the Curve Set Annotation command. The curve data text will go to this dedicated level so it can more easily be ported to curve data tables.
  • A new text import wizard (InRoads Fieldbook) has been added to the InRoads XM environment to facilitate surveyors importing InRoads FWD files.
  • Unneeded files have been cleared out from the Cae_rsc\inroads\utilities folder.
  • The field code UGAS was not supported in the resources. This has been fixed.
  • UpdatedLevel filters for InRoads 8.5 and InRoads XM have been updated to reflect all level name changes.
  • A new feature filter to allow viewing of 3D elements only has been added to the InRoads XM Xin file.


  • Corrected zip file so that the Common folder unzips to the correct location. Was unzipping under root rather than cae_rsc as intended.

    Now uses a Create Project.exe that does not modify the wsdot.cfg file.


  • InRoads XM ONLY: This update includes the first production realease of the XIN file for InRoads XM.
    WSDOT_Standards.XIN can be found in C:\CAE_RSC\INROADS\STANDARDS.
  • A new code CTRS is avaiable for use that gives surveyors a supported code for the center of utility Structures. The code is available for situations where the lid of the structure is offset. CTRS would locate the center of structure and a MH or simialar code will mark the offset lid location.
    These points will be a cell mapped to the ST_GU_StructureCenter level.
  • A new code NS is available for use that gives surveyors a code to use for unusual or project specific point features for which there is no other standard code. Surveyors should use the DNC control code where appropriate and should include a comment to describe what the point is. These points will be
    mapped to the BL_PT_NonStandard level.
  • A new code NSL is available for use that gives surveyors a code to use for unusual or project Specific linear features for which there is no other standard code. Surveyors should use the DNC control code where appropriate and should include a comment to describe what the line is. These lines will be
    mapped to the BL_LN_NonStandard level.
  • A new code SSFLP is avaiable for use that gives surveyors a supported code for the flowline elevations for sanitary sewer structures. These points will be a cell mapped to the UT_SS_FlowLinePoint level.
  • Files to support the import of WSDOT survey formats have been added to the enviroment. InRoads users now have the ability to import WSDOT .WAS format files. These files are used in the WSDOT caice to inroads translation process.


  • Resources have been modified and created to facilitate creation of profiles that can be sent ot MicroStation for inclusion in the PSE planset. Symbologies for SH_RP_StationLabelsText and SH_RP_ElevationLabelsText now go to the correct level. New level SH_RP_ProfileBorder has been created for the outermost lines on a profile plot.
  • Added new sub-category for General Utilities to the main Utilities category. The items under UT_GU are to be used when it is not necessary or where there is not enough information to break down utilities into the other subgroups such as Power, Communications, etc. After the update is complete, see c:\cae_rsc\ms_expandedlevels\help\utility levels.pdf for complete information on the new utility levels.
  • Beginning scale factors set to 100 for both WSDOT Existing and WSDOT New.
  • New levels and symbologies heave been created for the levels that will hold the text and define the appearance of different types of materials will appear. New levels are:
    • XS_SF_QuantitiesCut
    • XS_SF_QuantitiesFill
    • XS_SF_QuantitiesOther
  • Added a new category to the WSDOT Toolbox for InRoads Utilities. Users can access the Slopestake Reporting spread sheet and the Superelevation calculator through this new category.


  • Updated help file for Superelevation calculator to include better references to the Design Manual.
  • Added data items so that there are both a point and a linear feature for unknown natural features and unknown manmade features. The levels are:
    • TP_MM_UnknownObject
    • TP_MM_UnknownLinearObect
    • TP_NT_UnknownObject
    • TP_NT_UnknownLinearObject
  • Revised the default scale factors for InRoads to 100. You will need to run IPFSynch.exe on your project's INI files in order to see this change.
  • Revised the default cross section settings to match those documented in Chapter 20 of the InRoads Production manual. You will need to run IPFSynch.exe on your project's INI files in
    order to see this change.
  • Added vertical and horizontal offsets to the symbologies controlling the annotation for BL_PT_Survey* codes. This will allow the survey annotation to view correctly.
  • Placed draft Field Code Reference pdf files in INIFILES folder. These lists contain all field codes to be used with InRoads. These lists will eventually be cut and printed in a 3" x 9"
    format for use in the field. Comments are welcome. Submit comments through your CAE coordinator.
  • Added VerticalDesignChecks-WSDOTDDesignManual.txt to the resources. This is a file used with the Geometry=>Vertical Curve Set=>Desgin Curve command. It sets up the vertical curve calculator to use WSDOT standards.
  • Adjusted format of alignment station labels to SS+SS (from SS).
  • Added functionality so that loaded addins (such as the Survey module) will be remembered the next time InRoads is started.
  • Mocified Create Project to store data on SR and mileposts. Added ability to name CAiCE project separately and use longer name for overall project. Creates a project specific cell
    library and copies documentation templates into the project structure.


  • Modified WSDOT SuperCalculator to include superelevation calculations for ramps. See
  • Corrected some of the sample geometry styles in GEO_WSDOT.INI tath were calling the wrong levels.
  • Included a comprehensive list of WSDOT standard data items with check boxes to show where they are used. See C:\CAE_RSC\MS_EXPANDEDLEVELS\DATA\ALL_ITEMS.PDF.


  • As part of the approval process for Expanded Level Addendum to the Plans Prep manual various
  • Modified feature style "Default" so that the display points option is ON. So unless modified by user, both points and lines will display for any feature with style default.
  • Added support for field codes C4F and VENT into the InRoads environment.
  • SRVtoWAS utiltiy has been tweaked for performance and to specifically address some problems with large files.


  • Added new non-directional ditch linestyle and mapped the field code DB to that level/linestyle. DR_PP_DitchBottomNonDir.
  • Shortened all level names that were over 31 characters to 31 characters or less due to a limitation in InRoads named symbologies. Users will need to move update surface features'
    feature styles to the new shortened names. See cae_rsc\inroads\procedures\updatingfeatures.doc.
  • Added back field codes CP and POST that had been unintentionally deleted.
  • Renamed IRConfig.exe to IR_UserSettings_ImpExp.exe to clarify its use.
  • Corrected spelling PH_MN_MonumentText and PH_MN_MonumentTextNew (Mounument to Monument).
  • Corrected assignment for field code LP - now assigned to single metal luminaire not six metal luminaire.


  • IRConfig Backup utility is provided to allow users to backup and restore InRoads projects.
    Utility can be started by double-clicking on :\CAE_RSC\INROADS\UTILITIES\IRConfig.exe.
  • A new version of IPF synch is being sent out that has improved error trapping for synching up older versions of WSDOT INI files.
  • Added field codes SL (alternate field code for Stop Line), RW (alternate field code for Retaining Wall Bottom) GUY (alternate field code for Guy Pole), CT (alternate field code for Curb Top) and GROD (field code for Ground Rod). Must use IPFSynch to get modifications into your project ini files.
  • Adjusted intial scale precision for new InRoads projects to 9 decimal places.
  • Created a secondary FWF file (SuveyKC_WSDOT.fwf) to be used when importing CAiCE data
    into InRoads.


  • Added help documentation to InRoads File Comparator utility. Changed name to IPFSynch.exe.
  • Added SlopeStake.exe to \Inroads\Utilities. This executable uses the SlopeStakeTemplate.xls located in c:\cae_rsc\common folder. The command creates a slope stake report in Excel based on an xml report created from InRoads. Please see InRoads Staking Process at the CAE Sharepoint site.
  • Many minor changes and corrections to feature styles, dtm attributes and so on. It is recommended that all users use IPF Synch on their project ini files to ensure consistency with current standards.


  • InRoads Preference File Synch utility can be found in C:\cae_rsc\InRoads\Utilities.

    This utility will allow you to synch your project specific INI files with the updated WSDOT standards without losing your custom settings and preferences.

  • Added 160 new elements including bridge and tunnel features, survey features, utilities and landscape features. Modified 140 elements (10 survey feature codes, 136 level numbers revised)
  • Modified the create project utility so that the Projects folder is no longer mandatory when creating a project. Added option button for creating survey and/or design project.
    InRoads resources will be set up under the DESIGN and/or SURVEY folder based on these options.
  • Revised the behavior of COGO points when creating or editing to reduce the size of the “+” symbol and control the Default geometry style.
  • In the View Horizontal Annotation dialog, toggled on the display alignments as COMPLEX elements for both WSDOT Existing and WSDOT New preferences.


  • New Codes/Styles for:
    BL_LN_Concrete Break Line
    DR_PP_Direction of Pipe
    DR_PP_Detention Pond Bottom [+new]
    TP_NT_Pond Bottom
  • ModifiedCodes/Styles:
    Moved DR_ST_Bridge Drain [new] to ST_BG category
    Added "DY":as AlphaCode2 for RD_MK_LineDblYellowCenter12
    Changed PM_MN_PrimaryControlPoint feature from CPP to CP
    Changed PM_PH_PhotoHorVertControlPoint feature from CP to PHCP
  • Added Named symbology and survey text symbologies for Network symbology tab.


  • Initial download.