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ADA Guidance

ADA Policy
WSDOT is committed to providing equal access to its facilities, programs and services for persons with disabilities. View Executive Order 1069.01 (pdf, 174kb) for details.  WSDOT developed plans to comply with state and federal ADA laws.

General Information

Project Development Requirements 
Pavement Preservation Projects with a PE Phase start date after December 1, 2016

  • Follow the requirements found in the ADA Guidance Memo, (pdf, 1.2mb) dated December 5, 2016, addressing ADA work on Pavement Preservation Projects.

All Projects with an Ad Date date after January 1, 2017

  • Any project, Improvement or Preservation Program, that upgrades existing ADA features or installs new ADA features, are to be measured in accordance with the procedures found below in Transition Plan Self-Assessment Data Collection - Recording ADA Measurements.

  ADA Guidance Memo
  Below are the documents identified in the Memo providing further  
  guidance on how ADA is to be considered in Pavement Preservation
  Projects based upon the Jurisdiction where the feature is found.

Self-Assessment Inventory
This workbook provides a current list of ADA features collected as part of the Self Assessment requirement needed for the Transition Plan. Collection efforts halted in November 2012, without completing the entire inventory. This workbook can be used to sort or filter to identify what features have been collected within a specified range of choice and whether that feature is ADA compliant.

ADA Data Dictionary Diagrams
These Diagrams provide the detailed information on what measurements were collected for each ADA Feature.  

ADA GIS Workbench Layer
All of the ADA Features collected in the Self Assessment are found in a SQL server database.  This data can be found using GIS.

  • GIS Layer showing all ADA Features collected (Using ArcMap)

    Workbench Dataset - ADA Features

Transition Plan Self-Assessment Data Collection - Recording ADA Measurements
Not all of the ADA features were inventoried thru the earlier Self-Assessment effort, and as new features were constructed this information did not get added into the ADA Feature Database. Included in the ADA Guidance Memo is the requirement to complete the self-assessment measurements of ADA features. Instructions and forms for the various phases being completed are found below:

Design / Construction Requirements
Below are additional requirements to be used:

Design - Updated GSP's 
New GSP's are now available at:

  • GSP 1-05.4.OPT4.GR1 - Contractor Surveying - ADA Features    
  • GSP 8-14..1.INST1.GR8 - ADA Pre-meeting
  • GSP 8-14.3.OPT1.GR8 - ADA Pre-meeting
  • GSP 8-14.3.OPT2.GR8 - Timing Restrictions
  • GSP 8-14.3.OPT3.GR8 - Layout and Conformance to Grades

Construction - Region Construction Project Engineers Office to Process ADA Feature Measurements
The measurements received from the Contractor need to be processed by the Project Engineer and then transmitted to the ADA Data Steward.

Other References

If you have any questions concerning ADA and your project, please contact:
Kurt Sielbach
PO Box 47329
Olympia, WA 98504-7329
(360) 705-7937