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Spokane Area Questions

Welcome to "Ask the Traffic Team," a Web page created to answer your everyday questions about traffic issues in WSDOT's Eastern Region. You can find common questions in our Frequently Asked Questions archive. 

To submit your question, simply e-mail our Public Affairs office and provide as much detail as possible. You can typically expect a response with a week.

SR 25 signal
Terry from Davenport wonders if WSDOT could install a traffic signal at the SR 25/Porcupine Bay Road intersection. Turning south requires almost a complete U turn and a signal would make it much safer.

North Spokane Corridor
Kelly from Spokane is curious to know when the North Spokane Corridor between US 2 and Wandermere will be open. It looks nearly complete.

US 395 bridge
Kristine from Colville wonders if WSDOT plans to widen or repave the US 395 bridge outside Kettle Falls. The highway is very narrow and the road very bumpy.


Q: Can WSDOT install a traffic signal at the SR 25/Porcupine Bay Road intersection?
The angle of the intersection between SR 25 and Porcupine Bay Road is a sharp angle, and as you describe requires almost a U turn to go southbound to northbound. After reviewing the roadway conditions, a light at this location could be beneficial due to the angle of the intersection combined with the curvature of the highway.

We are considering installing a light in the gore between SR 25 and Porcupine Bay Rd assuming costs are not prohibitive. Engineering and coordination with the power utility will begin as soon as this work can be scheduled. Due to the need to schedule this work around winter ground conditions, construction could begin next spring.

Q: When will the NSC between US 2 and Wandermere open?
The project is currently on winter shutdown with only a few items remaining to be completed. These items include weather sensitive items such as hot mix asphalt paving and permanent striping, to name a couple. The project will be ready for opening when we have a large enough weather window in the spring to complete these items. Based on typical Spokane weather, we expect the opening in June 2012. Having said that, we had a very late spring in 2011, so we will just have to wait and see what develops.

Q: Does WSDOT have plans to repave the US 395 bridge near Kettle Falls?
You are correct that this bridge is in need of some repair. WSDOT is preparing a bridge deck replacement contract that is scheduled for construction in 2013. The project will remove a portion of the existing deck and replace it with a new concrete surface. Due to limited funding for major construction projects, we have no plans to widen the bridge.

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