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2018-2019 Central Puget Sound Construction Hot Spots

The construction traffic management team analyzed impacts of highway and local road projects for 2018-2019 and identified four hot spots in the greater Puget Sound region. Hot spots are areas where several roadway construction projects occur in close proximity at the same time. Early coordination in hot spots keeps traffic moving during construction and helps projects stay on time and within budget.

Interested in other construction outside the hot spots and watch lists? Check out the county data for major projects in King, Pierce, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom and Kitsap counties.

How to read maps and schedules

Project data for each area is represented in two documents: maps and schedules. Each of these documents displays the project data in different ways.

Maps are visual tools used to show approximate project locations and anticipated impacts. The maps represent all projects occurring during the time period listed in the heading; not all projects shown on the map will occur at the same time. If the map heading says '1/1/18-1/31/18', this means that all project on the map occur in January 2018. The numbers used to label projects on the maps correspond to the ID number in the schedule.

Schedules provide more detailed information about the anticipated impacts for each project. Basic project information (ID number, project title, start and end date, contact information, etc) is displayed on the left and detailed impact information is shown on the right.

Instructions for reading and interpreting maps and schedules are shown in the introduction to hot spot maps and Gantt charts (pdf 75 kb).

Hot spot information*

Lake Washington (updated: 12/28/2017)

Work on the new SR 520 bridge will wrap up and major work continues on I-90. All of these projects along with several others in the Lake Washington area will need to closely coordinate their closures in order to keep traffic moving around and across the lake.

Maps (pdf 815 kb)
Schedule (pdf 177 kb)

Maps (pdf 817 kb)
Schedule (pdf 196 kb)

(updated: 12/28/2017)

There are several overlapping projects working along the Seattle Waterfront in 2018-2019. These along with other projects affecting North-South corridors through downtown Seattle could potentially impact traffic and transit in the city.

Maps (pdf 839 kb)
Schedule (pdf 316 kb)

Maps (pdf 840 kb)
Schedule (pdf 305 kb)

North Pierce County (updated: 12/28/2017)

The I-5 corridor though downtown Tacoma continues to be an area of major construction activity in 2018 and 2019. There are also multiple projects affecting the parallel routes of I-5 and SR 167.

Maps (pdf 753 kb)
Schedule (pdf 178 kb)

Maps (pdf 753 kb)
Schedule (pdf 152 kb)

South Snohomish/North King County (updated: 12/28/2017)

This area is on our watch list due to multiple city projects in close proximity to each other in the south Snohomish County area. Additionally,  several arterial projects on SR 9 and I-5 could impact traffic in 2018.

Maps (pdf 799 kb)
Schedule (pdf 180 kb)

Maps (pdf 754 kb)
Schedule (pdf 141 kb)

County information*

King (updated: 12/28/2017)
Map (pdf 415 kb)
Schedule (pdf 905 kb)

Kitsap (updated: 12/28/2017)
Map (pdf 382 kb)
Schedule (pdf 468 kb)

Pierce (updated: 12/28/2017)
Map (pdf 308 kb)
Schedule (pdf 348 kb)

Skagit (updated: 12/28/2017)
Map (pdf 128 kb)
Schedule (pdf 175 kb)

Snohomish (updated: 12/28/2017)
Map (pdf 260 kb)
Schedule (pdf 332 kb)

Whatcom (updated: 12/28/2017)
Map (pdf 203 kb)
Schedule (pdf 496 kb)

* Please note:

  • Information on the maps and schedules is useful for planning purposes, but is subject to change without notice due to the fluid nature of construction schedules. Closure information tends to become more accurate as the closure date approaches. For more information about construction closures occurring in the next week, check out our Construction Update page.
  • Maps and schedules focus on highway and arterial construction and do not list every construction project in every neighborhood
  • Maps and schedules include information from multiple public agencies for coordination and planning purposes; each agency retains responsibility for their own construction and related traffic closures.
  • For more detailed information about construction in Seattle, check out the Seattle Department of Transportation's construction closures page.
  • Maps and schedules are numbered as a single set for each area, but are divided into separate pdfs for ease of use.
  • Maps are designed for printing on 11'' by 17'' paper.
  • Schedules are designed for printing landscape on 11" by 17" paper.