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Memorial Day Charts 2013 - I-5 Olympia to Tacoma

Friday, May 24 Southbound I-5    Northbound I-5
Saturday, May 25 Southbound I-5    Northbound I-5
Sunday, May 26 Southbound I-5    Northbound I-5
Monday, May 27 Southbound I-5    Northbound I-5

To help plan your travel, on the graphs below, the vertical axis shows the number of cars WSDOT expects on the roadway for that hour of day.

The coastal area of Western Washington also experience heavier traffic in spring and summer months. WSDOT recommends avoiding travel on I-5 in the Puget Sound and the Portland/Vancouver metro area Friday evening and Monday afternoon.

Remember to check the WSDOT web site or call 5-1-1 for real-time traffic information. 

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I-5 SB Friday, May 24 - Tacoma to Olympia

I-5 Nb Friday, May 24 - Olympia to Tacoma

I-5 SB Saturday, May 25 - Tacoma to Olympia

I-5 NB Saturday, May 25 - Olympia to Tacoma

I-5 SB Sunday, May 26 - Tacoma to Olympia

I-5 NB Sunday, May 26 - Olympia to Tacoma

I-5 Southbound Memorial Day, May 27 - Tacoma to Olympia

I-5 NB Memorial Day, May 27 - Olympia to Tacoma