Internet Templates

Before you create a new page, find the template that works best for your business needs. The most common is the Default template. It is found in the Standard Template Gallery.

Default Template

Use the default template for sub-pages on most external Web sites.

The default template is the most basic of all templates having only one text placeholder within the main body of the page. 

  1. Web page header
    • Link to your main home page from header.
    • Header images can be found in the All State Resource Gallery. If you need help modifying a header file, contact WSDOT WebHelp.
    • The header is required on all your pages. It reminds the user where they are at all times.
  2. Left navigation header
    • The header for the left navigation menu should sum up the links below it. It can be more detailed than the web page header.
  3. Left navigation
    • This placeholder allows you to manually enter site navigation.
    • Do not manually input all your site navigation - CMS dynamically creates navigation for you.
  4. Body of Page
    • This placeholder is where you will insert your Web content. Learn more about writing for the web.

Default Template Tips