Web standards

Standards are set to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the WSDOT Web site. 

The basics

  • PDFs must be accessible to those with disabilities, per Policy 188
  • Document properties help our search find your content
  • Plain Talk and write for a 9th grade reading level for clarity and ease of scanning
  • Regularly check to ensure your customers are finding what they need: 
    • Use Google Analytics
    • Crazy Egg reports
    • Usability testing

Focus on your customers
Any time we are adding, removing or updating content, we use the User-Centered Design (UCD) process (pdf 230 kb). All content should also help one (or more) of our website user archetypes (pdf 845 kb) complete a task.

Content Strategy
Following our Web content strategy (pdf 299 kb) ensures our website retains a similiar look and feel.

Guidelines and examples
Not sure what we're looking for? Our Guidlines for consistency (pdf 883 kb) will help give you an idea.

Whether it's Drupal training, Writing for the Web or web basics, please contact Web Help to learn more about the next class.

Your job is never done:

  • Once your page is created and updated, it’s time to plan for the next time you need to change it.
  • Create a file system off of our web server to keep documents you want or need to hang onto, but do not use our CMS or Drupal systems to do so.
  • Replace or remove old documents whenever a new one is updated.
  • Before putting new content on the site, ask:
    • Who is this for?
      • Is the web the best place for this content?
      • How else can this content be shared?

Let it go? Let us know!
Orphan files are those that are no longer linked to or used. They can't be accessed by any link, but still surface through a search engine and may contain out-of-date content that could damage WSDOT's image or make WSDOT liable for incorrect information. They can be any type of file or attachment: pages, images, PDFs, or Word documents.

If you cleaned out old files, send Web Help the total number of files you deleted and the total size of the files you removed.

Broken links
These hyperlinks no longer take you to the corresponding page or file. Links become broken when the file or Web page being linked to is deleted or moved. 

The Web Team has a software program that will locate broken links within your site. Contact Web Help and we can run the reports and send them to you.